Its a new Tech Gap year in Israel and it starts now, want to join it?

Want to know what you can gain from a year in Israel on Big Idea @ Aardvark Israel? A year of experience in the Tech world, maturity, independence, & more. Its a new Tech Gap year in Israel and it starts now, do you want to join it?

BIG IDEA Gap Year @ Aardvark Israel is an exciting partnership program bringing together the best of two top organization: Big Idea, a leader in technology education, and Aardvark Israel, a leader in gap year programs.

BIG IDEA @ Aardvark Israel provides participants intensive hi-tech training, professional internships, and a one-of-a-kind Startup Nation experience! It is the ideal choice for anyone looking to boost their career in technology while also having an immersive, educational experience in Israel. BIG IDEA @ Aardvark Israel is an exciting partnership program bringing together the best of two top notch organizations: Big Idea, a leader in technology education, and Aardvark Israel, a leader in gap year programs. Participants will enjoy the benefits of being part of a selective group of technology-minded peers while also being a part of the larger, diverse community of of students who are participating in all of Aardvark Israel’s other existing programs.

During the first semester students will be immersed in a hands-on technology course in Jerusalem where they will gain all the skills necessary to become a front-end developer, earning an official developer certification, and gaining resume-ready skills. Continuing to Tel Aviv in the second semester, students will intern alongside Israelis at leading startups. Throughout the whole year, participants will also go on weekly field trips around Israel, have the opportunity to earn up to 21 university credits in Hebrew and other relevant electives, participate in extracurricular activities, and more!  One of the highlights of the program will be in January when students participate in “Impact Month” – a month-long hackathon to design an app for a non-profit organization in Tel Aviv – an opportunity to use the skills learned to make a different for a community in need.

So what will you gain from this program? Become A Front-End & Mobile Apps Developers,You’ll get the coding skills that are required in creating web and mobile apps. Impress friends, family, and future employers by creating your very own mobile application.

Course includes: HTML5, Javascript and CSS, AngularJS ,UI/UX techniques ,Android  development , Introduction to server side, databases and more

An Impact month which is a in fact A month-long Hacathon
Make a social change and develop digital solutions to influence people’s lives. Upon completion of the tech course, you’ll get to experience the same road to innovation as any other start-up entrepreneurs, while developing apps that will be used by a deserving non-profit organization. This is your chance to give back to the community, while gaining valuable work experience.
This past year, BIG IDEA participants worked with the Carasso Science Park, creating innovative apps to help solve complicated, real-world problems.

You will get Internships:

What will you gain in 4 months of internship in Israel? your first work experience in the Start-Up Nation! so you can use your technological skills in a real and challenging environment.                                                                                                                           You can also Network with Israeli Hi-tech developers and incredible entrepreneurs, Build up your resume and Experience working in an office environment in Israel.

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