It’s Adar – Amy’s Protesters And Their Foolish Strategy : The Israeli Election


Following up on my previous Blog, I wanted to justify voting for Amy Klobuchar on Super Tuesday. However, with her decision to suddenly suspend her campaign, I want to make a more important point. We are now in the month of Adar, and shortly we will be celebrating Purim. Haman wanted to destroy the Jews and was willing to pay an exorbitant sum of money in silver to finance this which would have cost the King nothing. But through a series of events, G-d turned around the whole situation and it was Haman himself who was destroyed.

The protesters who marched into St. Louis Park High School on Sunday night had a similar idea regarding Amy Klobuchar’s campaign. The leader shouted along with all her supporters that they wanted Amy “To Go”, obviously meaning for Amy to suspend her campaign.  And with the leader and Omar supporting each other in the past, then its only logical to assume these protesters also support Bernie Sanders.

By Omar’s actions and words since she was elected to Congress, Omar has shown negative support for Israel or Jews. Her refusal to admit she was a BDS supporter in a St. Louis Park synagogue before being elected to Congress gives further proof.

I naturally thought that Omar would want to back Klobuchar and her campaign for President because Omar and Amy represent the same state. But instead Omar chose to support Bernie Sanders.

I am sure I was not the only one disappointed about Amy’s decision. But Amy herself said it best when she flew to Dallas and while standing alongside Joe Biden, she said “ I can not think of a better way to end my campaign, then to join his”.

Pete Buttigieg also suspended his campaign and threw his support behind Joe Biden.

Obviously, these two major developments have suddenly boosted Joe Biden’s chances to win the Democratic Presidential nomination over current leader Bernie Sanders.

A Very Important Message Comes Out Of All Of These Developments

I am very certain that those protesters got the shock of their lives, after Amy suspended her campaign, she threw her support behind Joe Biden. This is obviously the last thing they wanted to happen, because they most probably thought Amy would delay making a decision regarding who she would now support. This would have been what the protesters wanted because they knew how close Super Tuesday was.

Therefore, instead of having Amy out of the race, the protesters’ largest nightmare has now happened with Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg throwing their support behind Joe Biden.

As I am writing this, Super Tuesday voting is now underway and official results will only begin to appear after the Polls close. Bernie Sanders currently has a slight lead in delegate count over Joe Biden, therefore it will be very important to see which candidate will attract the most votes from Amy and Pete’s support base.

And if it so happens, that Joe Biden passes up Bernie Sanders and wins the Democratic nomination for US President, after Sanders looked like he was going to run away from the field, it can be said that part of the blame can be attributed to those protesters who prevented Amy from speaking at a rally in St. Louis Park High School.

Omar And Haman

If you have been a reader of my Blogs from the beginning, you will know that I have been very suspicious of Omar since she began her term as Minnesota’s 5th District Rep. Accusing Israel of Aparthied, and immediately declaring her loyalty to the Palestinian cause, was not a way for a Minnesota lawmaker to act.

As the months went by, it was easy to see who Omar was supporting and to which cause she was loyal. I previously pointed out that in Megillat Esther which we read on Purim, Haman was called intrinsically wicked by Queen Esther. She could easily see that Haman was determined to seek revenge for his own hatred of the Jews and was determined to spend the rest of his life doing so.

And so the biggest mistake Haman made was to try to get the King involved to assist in this very evil deed of killing all of the Jews. Of course, G-d would not allow this to happen and through a very complicated chain of events, instead of Haman hanging Mordechai on the gallows, it was Haman himself who hung.

And so now we have a situation where those demonstrators in St. Louis Park got what they wanted by having Amy drop her campaign. But at the same time it comes at a very hefty price to pay if their favorite candidate Bernie Sanders loses at the end due to the endorsements of Amy and Pete.

The Israeli Elections

Monday was the third time I along with all Israeli voters cast our ballot to determine which parties will gain enough seats to be included in this new Knesset.

This election was expected to be as close as the first two, but this time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears on the verge of forming a coalition of at least 61 Knesset members, which is a majority of the 120 seats in Government

This Election Was Also All About The Benjamins (X) Two

Omar’s reference to Benjamin meaning the $100 bill when she first took office was made when only Bibi was Prime Minister. Now for this election another Benjamin has come on to the scene, his last name is Ganz.

Think About This

Omar calls out the name Benjamin, and suddenly in this election another candidate with the same name is competing one year later.

The protesters had intended to prevent Amy from speaking and telling her to suspend her campaign. Both of their wishes came true, but perhaps they will regret doing so because Pete Buttigieg along with Amy switched their support to Bernie’s prime competitor.

These Above-Mentioned Examples Are Clearly What Adar Represents

Jews celebrate Adar as a time of joy and happiness. It is a time when we all realize G-d runs the world.

These current examples above give a good indication of this, and here is another observation.


Purim is a time when we dress up in costume and wear masks.

I am not the first to say this, but with the worldwide alert and fear of the Coronavirus spreading, you could say that everyone will be celebrating Purim this year. This is not intended as a joke, but rather an observation that this virus is beyond the scope of the human being to solve at the moment, and provides a further example of who is in control.






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