It’s Always Beer-O-Clock at Beer Bazaar

The Beer Bazaar
The Beer Bazaar

In my humble opinion, there is no better place to sit and absorb the insanity of a Friday afternoon in Tel Aviv than the Beer Bazaar, which is located just off the Shuk HaCarmel in Tel Aviv. If Tel Aviv is known as the “bubble,” the Beer Bazaar is a bubble within the greater bubble, especially on Friday afternoon.


As you sit at the bar relaxing and sipping one of the many delicious Israeli-made microbrews, you are surrounded by the shouts, smells, heat and tension that fill the Shuk on Friday afternoon as Tel Avivians and tourists race to finish their shopping before the city slips into shabbat.

I recently had a chance to sit down with Lior Weiss, Beer Bazaar’s co-owner, and ask some questions about beer, Israel and his favorite patron.


Tell me about Beer Bazaar
Beer Bazaar is a street bar, located in the heart of the busy Carmel Market, dedicated to Israeli craft beer. It’s a place where you can experiment with new unknown brands and have a quick bite of one of our delicious tapas items.

We opened it so the small Israeli breweries would have a place to show off their brews and to expose the Israeli crowd to those wonderful and diverse new beers.

How long has Beer Bazaar been around?
We opened March 1st.

What makes you passionate about beer?
Yuval (the other co-owner) and I have been homebrewing beer for a long time and we both fell in love with this awesome drink. 

How many different types of beer do you have? What makes them special?
We are proud to serve over 90 kinds, all brewed in Israel.

People are used to drinking mass-produced lagers, whereas our craft beers are fresh, very diverse in style and free from the pasteurization procedures that allow them to keep their nutritious value.

What beer do you recommend for a Friday afternoon?
The house brew, of course! Carmel Pale Ale is made from a recipe we formulated especially for the warm Israeli weather.

Any special day you recommend visiting  Beer Bazaar?
On Sunday we have a “happy day,” meaning the second draught beer is 50% off!

Also, Fridays are fun; we have different DJ’s playing live music in the afternoon.

Who is the coolest person who has come to Beer Bazaar?
An Aussie guy with dreadlocks reaching the floor who drank 17 beers in a row.

I know I will be there around beer-O-clock this Friday afternoon, hope to see you there!

What is your favorite Israeli microbrew? Post it in the comments below!

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