Ran Bar Yoshafat

It’s not about Trump, Dummy!

American Jewry is coming out against Trump in an attempt to be accepted into a good place in the intersectionality discourse. And that’s the whole story.

In the United States, Jews tend to vote for the left by a large majority. Since 1924 there has not been a single case in which Jews voted for Republicans more than for Democrats. The closest between the two was when Reagan ran against Carter, and almost swept away 40 percent of the Jewish vote. It is impossible to ignore the fact that Jews are very involved in American politics. Both in financial contributions and in representation – 34 out of 535 legislators are currently Jews. This is three times their representation of the population. In the Senate, it is clearer where 8 out of 100 are Jews and all eight are Democrats, and every Jew in the House of Representatives is a Democrat except for two – Lee Zeldin from New York and David Kostoff, from Tennessee.

The left moves to the left. You don’t have to go to the “Squad” (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan) to see it. You can see how the party’s platform has changed in the last decade and a half on issues ranging from gun control, abortions, attitudes towards the police, economic perceptions, attitudes towards illegal immigrants, loss of family values, political correctness, what is allowed and forbidden to say, attitudes towards the constitution itself, and even the way it is interpreted.

It is possible that the party is moving to the left and the public is moving with it, and it is possible that the party is moving to the left following pressure from the extreme progressive left that it desires to please. In any case, most its voters have moved to the left with it and are now seeking to create a new social contract, without realizing that this is an action against the basic principles of the United States of America.

So what’s special about Trump? And precisely in this election? The answer is – that

The American Democratic Party is moving so fast and strong toward the left it has cut itself off from the Jews – its regular voters – and the Jews want to get back on the band wagon. The Jews need to do something to stay on the left; so they decided to join the far left by labelling every person who does not oppose Trump as a racist.

Do they really believe that anyone who voted for Trump in 2016 or plans to vote for him in 2020 is a racist person? What a miserable world to live in if that is the reality.

American Jews have explained to me why they hate Trump personally while ignoring the contradictions they present in their arguments. For example, they have explained to me that he does not care about COVID and that he organized large rallies of supporters, yet at the same time, they defended the riots of Antifa and BLM that had no fewer people.

Even when addressing the president’s immorality, the attitude is not coherent. US Jewry has had and still has a sympathetic attitude towards Bill Clinton, whose sexual behavior in many ways outweighs that of Trump. The same inconsistency exists regarding every other complaint I have heard about Trump the person.

I have often heard American Jews explain to me that if I am not against Trump I am “on the wrong side of history.” This argument to me sounds very similar to “if you do not vote for Biden, God will be angry with you” – rhetoric that has no logic behind it. And it is also a very false one. After all, this is not really about Trump. If Mike Pence had headed the Republican Party instead of Trump, there is not a single American Jew who today plans to vote for Biden who would change his vote in such a scenario.

American Jews feel they must catch up with the left that is fleeing too far, especially when it comes to intersectionality. This of course does not include the Orthodox Jews who are supporting Trump by large, and have no interest in wiping away their identity.

In the age of this intersectional culture, American Jews fear for their place at the summit which is receding. The left sees them as “whites,” and they have realized that they are rapidly degenerating toward the bottom of the pyramid, alongside a straight white man; even though in their perception they see themselves closer to a black or vegan transgender. Jews, who come in every color and race, really should not fall into the category of “white,” but one can understand why they are perceived as such considering the fact that Jews in the United States are often more educated and earn more than the average American. Interestingly enough, the groups associated with the alt-right are the ones who do not see Jews as “whites,” but for a whole other reason.

The progressive left perceives American Jews as white, and in order to atone for this they must strongly break left. In other words, if the Jews hate Trump and express it hard enough, perhaps the blacks, Latinos, LGBTs, etc. will accept the Jews as part of them; and will not treat the Jews as part of the white establishment.

They are of course allowed to reject or oppose the policies of the Republican Party. This is quite natural and not special to US Jewry. If right-wing policies, conservative judges, and the Republican administration as a whole are not to their liking it is their right to vote for Biden. But please stop telling me it’s all about Trump.

About the Author
Attorney Ran Bar-Yoshafat is an author, international speak, PhD candidate in American Jewish History.