It’s Purim, Voters – Please Send Bernie And Tlaib A Strong Message


“Whoever calls the Prime Minister of Israel a ‘racist’ is either a liar, an ignorant fool, or both,” Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon said recently at the AIPAC Conference. “We don’t want Sanders at AIPAC. We don’t want him in Israel.”

Those are strong words, but unfortunately, they summarize the way myself and most Israeli’s view Bernie Sanders. And the same can be said for how we feel about Michigan Congresswoman Tlaib, who was banned from Israel on her last attempt to enter with Omar.

The question therefore to Bernie Sanders, who hopes to be the first Jewish President in the history of the United States, is a simple one

How can you be expected to look after the interests of the American people, when you are not interested in looking after your own Jewish brothers and sisters here in Israel by insulting our Government?

Like it or not, Bernie is Jewish and he has the same responsibility as any US President to look after Jewish Americans, like myself, in Israel as well as anywhere else in the world. Bernie cannot continue spreading lies about the Israeli Government and expect to have those lies go unchallenged. And a perfect example of that took place at the AIPAC conference.

The viability of the Sanders campaign will be seriously tested on Tuesday, Purim, when six states go to the Polls.

Michigan Is The Largest Prize

Michigan votes Tuesday (Purim) and awards the largest number of delegates from any of those remaining five states which are – Idaho, Mississippi, North Dakota, Missouri and Washington.

Michigan is also the auto capital of the US and there are many United Auto Workers (UAW) who live in Michigan. In 2016, Michigan went to Sanders, but with Biden’s campaign gaining momentum, Biden may claim victory. This would be a serious blow to Bernie’s campaign and his chances to win the Democratic Nomination for President.

Minnesota’s Shocking Victory For Biden

Last week’s Minnesota upset resulted from Amy Klobuchar’s withdrawal and throwing her support behind Joe Biden. What made this even more interesting is the fact that Omar has been a strong supporter of Bernie and her district ignored Omar resulting in a stunning Biden victory.

Will The Same Thing Happen in Tlaib country?

The question now becomes whether Michigan Congresswomen Tlaib can generate enough support in her state to avoid a Biden victory in Michigan. We will find out the answer to this question Tuesday night.

Who Will The UAW Support?

This is the number one question which must be taken into consideration when the voting begins. With Michigan being the largest, car manufacturing state, the UAW has considerable influence with its workers. At the time of writing, I have not seen an endorsement by the UAW in Michigan for either candidate. Hilary Clinton won the UAW endorsement in 2016.

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IBEW Endorses Joe Biden


The press release below is from another major union for electrical workers known as the IBEW. When Amy Klobuchar went to speak in Dallas after endorsing Joe Biden, I could see some Biden supporters in the audience with IBEW shirts.



For Immediate Release: February 5, 2020

Contact: Mark Brueggenjohann  202-728-6014

IBEW Endorses Joe Biden for President


The leadership of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, while attending its annual officers meeting, has unanimously endorsed Vice President Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States.

The IBEW represents 775,000 active and retired electrical workers across North America.

“Vice President Biden has been a longtime friend of working families and the IBEW,” said IBEW International President Lonnie R. Stephenson. “Joe has a long record of standing up for union members, and we believe it’s in the best interest of IBEW members to elect him our next president.

The Molson Coors shooter responsible for the attack was an electrician and member of the IBEW 494 in Milwaukee. Some of his victims were also IBEW members.

That hits close to home. My dad was also an electrician and IBEW 292 member in Minneapolis.

The Timing Of This Primary Is Amazing With Minnesota Followed By Michigan

Living in Israel, I am very sensitive to such relationships. Because before last week’s primaries, Bernie looked to be a sure winner on paper. But we all know that G-d can suddenly change things around just like the story we read on Purim.

Therefore, with Minnesota now in the win column for Biden, if Michigan also goes to Biden, then the two Congresswomen who represent those two states will be on the losing side, as they are both avid Bernie supporters.

And the outlook for Bernie, after the elections on Purim may become extremely bleak, unless Bernie can pull off a sudden turnaround.

Why A Turnaround By Bernie Sanders Seems Highly Unlikely From This Point

As far as I am concerned, this has nothing to do with the current momentum Biden and Bernie may be able to generate during the time leading up to the election. But rather the situation Bernie finds himself in which he created himself without thinking this through very thoroughly.

Bernie Sanders now finds himself basically banned from the State Of Israel, by all the many insults and terrible remarks he has made against the Government. An attack on the Government is an attack on me, my family and all my fellow Israelis.

Now throw in for good measure his two biggest supporters who represent Minnesota and Michigan. Minnesota voters gave Omar a loud thumbs down message in her attempt to convince them to vote for Bernie. And we will see what Michigan voters will say.

But one thing is crystal clear; with Bernie now basically banned from Israel along with two of his largest and loudest supporters, how effective can Bernie be as US Commander in Chief who will need to hold talks with the Israeli Government during his time in office?

That’s why a Biden victory in the Democratic primaries is a necessity.

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