It’s The People

Much has been written, even by this blogger, in reference to what I, and others believe, should be the proper response to the bane of savage Arab terrorism.  Pundits, far wiser and more politically in the know than I, have offered many suggestions as to the proper and most effective methodology to struggle against the enemies around us.

Military experts have debated the pros and cons of a more rigorous approach to combat these fiends who prey upon innocents.  From public executions to the disappearance of the corpses of slain terrorists to those ideologically liberal leftists who insist on granting unheard of civil rights to those who maim and murder Jewish children.

Suffice to say that there is no simple solution or single answer to the scourge of bloodthirsty Arab terror. Arabs have been butchering Jews in this land for over 100 years in modern history. To excuse this sanguine atrocity on the basis of the “occupied territory” mantra is facile and also incredibly ignorant. There was no Maaleh Adumim in 1929 when mad Arab mobs hacked Jews to death in Hevron and no checkpoints in Yehudah and Shomron (save for the British mandate authorities) in 1921 when screaming Arab gangs assaulted Jews praying at the Western Wall. But these, and other examples of the continuing Arab war against the Jews in the land have been uttered again and again by historians and journalists.

But what I want to impart here is that all the savagery of these befouled beasts and their lackeys will never break the spirit of this Israeli people. Sure, we mourn at the funerals of the victims, but we MOURN AS A NATION. When the slain are buried it is the entire Jewish nation that stands with them in their grief. Mourning has always been a community affair. At funerals, the friends and relatives of the bereaved are honored by taking part in the burial by tossing handfuls of earth into the grave. Mourners come home to a “meal of consolation” prepared by friends and family and for the “Shiva” period, those stricken with grief, are kept company and want for naught. We stand together in victory and we grieve together in sadness. But we never forget and we never falter.

Our strength is derived by our love for one another. Even in far less bloody times, when one is, for example, hospitalized and returns home to recuperate, friends and family bring food, offer all types of assistance from shlepping to doctor’s offices to taking one’s shopping list to the market. In my city of Maaleh Adumim several months ago, one of the security guards at our local mall was attacked by an Arab thug and hacked to bloody pieces by an ax. The guard’s family, a family of several children, was left in tears and sadness while their husband and father lay on the border between life and death in a hospital intensive care unit.

So, our community came together and held a book fair and bake sale and raised thousands of shekels to help this man’s family through their ordeal. Thank G-d that this brave man survived, and thank G-d that this Israeli people came together as one to ensure the needs of his family.

Yes, we have a magnificent Israel Defense Force and a stalwart and brave Border Police and  unbelievably successful intelligence services. Together, these courageous men and women allow me  to sleep in peace as they keep ever vigilant.  Who would have believed a short time ago, that the Jewish people, persecuted and butchered for centuries, could field such a magnificent force that has been victorious time and time again. I believe it is the land, both in spirit and substance, that has given rise to new generations of Hebrew warriors, steeped in the traditions of Joshua, Gideon, Barak and, yes, not to forget, Deborah and Ya’el.

But Israel could not maintain this force without the fighting spirit of her people. It is the people who provide the strength of our fighters. It is the people who come together as one to stand alongside each other in times of grief and war. It is the people who succor one another in times of personal tragedy and loss. It is the people who will never bow their knees in supplication to appease the enemy at the behest of so-called friends. It is the people, in their righteous demeanor, that will remove from our borders the enemy who seeks to destroy us and the enemy within who seeks to undermine us.

It’s the people of Israel who will not only survive, but thrive!

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.