It’s Time to Blame Hamas

I usually try to stay out of politics when it comes to family and friends, however, while watching Alexandria Ocasia Cortez´s recent interview on the “Firing Line” with Margaret Hoover, she defended her tweet where she wrote that Israel´s defense of the Gaza border is a massacre; I felt so strongly about her statement, that I realized I couldn´t stay silent.

No one is asking the obvious question, “What are women and children doing at such a volatile border?” It is because Hamas is calling for women and children to storm the border, hoping for casualties so they can be viewed as having the moral high ground. They have gone as far as lighting tires on fire, with the hope of having the smoke obscure the view of the soldiers wherein they are unable to know who they are firing upon, terrorists or civilians.

It doesn´t appear to matter that Hamas had called for the destruction of Israel in its 1988 charter; It doesn´t seem to matter that Hamas told the people assembled at the border to break down border fences and harm Israeli civilians; It doesn´t seem to matter that a Hamas spokesperson publicly stated that 50 of the 62 people killed in the initial border protests were their members, and it doesn´t seem to matter that Israel warned civilians not to approach the fence. When civilians die, it´s awful, but the number of casualties tell a bigger story, as one side does everything it can to protect its civilians, while the other side encourages their people to become martyrs.

It´s time to put the onus on Hamas. Cortez´s statement in which she ultimately conceded that she didn´t fully understand the issue, shows a huge flaw within the new Democratic Party. Their plight is overdue, and even somewhat of a necessity in addressing injustice and inequality wherever it may be, but let’s not appeal only to emotion on this issue, but rather deal with the facts. It now appears that many new voices in American politics are quick to condemn Israel without or choosing not to fully understand the issue. It is time for the new wave that is surging in the Democratic Party as well as the news media to treat Hamas for what it is; a terrorist organization.

I empathize with the hardships the people of Gaza face, but let’s not forget when Israel retreated from Gaza in 2005, they left all their infrastructure including green houses in tact so that the people of Gaza could build up their economy; instead, they elected a terrorist group who then used its resources to build up terror tunnels and smuggle arms to bring harm upon Israel. It was then, and only then, that a blockade was placed on them. I remember when supporting Israel was bipartisan. I now fear that is no longer the case.

Obviously, no issue is completely black and white and the situation in Gaza is no exception. Political leaders, as well as the media should condemn Israel when they feel it is justified, as they should with any other nation when warranted, however, for real, positive change to occur for the people of Gaza, it must first start with holding Hamas accountable. It´s time.


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Daniel Rabbani is from Woodmere, New York. He is a graduate of the University at Albany and is currently in his third year at Brooklyn Law School. He is the host of the Late Night Ruckus Podcast.
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