Barry Shaw

Jack Lew should never be US ambassador to Israel

The Zionist Organization of America is against an Obama official, Jack Lew, becoming the next US Ambassador to Israel.

They are right.

In June 2015, Lew made a lengthy speech at a Jerusalem Post event in New York during which he trotted out every Obama line (and lie) selling the awful Iran deal to American and Israeli audiences.

Speaking on behalf of Obama, Lew pledged that “the final deal will be built around an incredibly robust and intrusive inspections regime on Iran’s nuclear program” and that “this deal will only be finalized if the connective tissue of the agreement meets a tough standard of intense verification and scrutiny.”

How did that work out?

Not very well, to put it mildly.

Hidden from view behind the fine words heralding a better future were the facts that the deal placed Iranian military facilities, where nuclear weaponization development were taking place, off limits to inspectors.

Lew did not inform his Jerusalem Post audience or Americans, that the small print of the bad Obama deal placed more barriers than the Grand National horse race in front of IAEA inspectors. Before inspectors could gain access, the Iranians had time to cover up what they were actually doing. They were even allowed to gather and provide their own soil samples to the IAEA inspectors.

This deal was one of trust without verification.

So, instead of “incredibly robust and intrusive inspections” and “intense verification,” listed by Lew, the Iranians were allowed by Lew’s boss to cheat their way to the bomb.

Lew assured Jerusalem Post readers that “we are not operating on an assumption that Iran will act in good faith.”

But that was precisely what Obama, Lew, and Wendy Sherman, were doing.

Jack Lew also asserted that “what we are doing is to effectively guarantee that Iran never obtains a nuclear weapon. Making sure Iran never gets a nuclear weapon is a national security priority of the highest order.”

As ZOA’s Mort Klein put it, “never” actually meant ten years.

Basically, the never deal sold by Lew was in reality, as Benjamin Netanyahu predicted at the time, kicking the can down the road so that others would be killed in the explosion.

Klein also reminded us that Lew bragged at the NY Conference that his boss Obama has done more for Israel’s security than anyone else.

Israel is still living with the consequences of Obama enriching the terrorist sanctioning Iranian regime not only with uranium but also with $150 billion in sanctions relief payments.

Lew’s current boss, Joe Biden is in the final stages of covertly gifting a non-repentant Iran with $16 billion in supposedly frozen funds in Iraq and South Korean banks that will further endanger and kill Israelis and help fund Iran’s final steps to the bomb.

Biden is doing it in a way that he has no need to bring this deal to Congress for approval.

This payment does nothing, zero, to stop Iran’s march to the bomb and this blackmail money released by Biden will further arm the active enemies at Israel’s doorstop with even more deadly and sophisticated weapons.

Furthermore, Lew’s bosses, both Obama and Biden, actively forced through UNSC Resolution 2334 that effectively designated Judea & Samaria and parts of Jerusalem as illegally occupied Palestinian territory, wiping away what had been signed and sealed in the Oslo Accord agreement at Clinton’s White House exactly thirty years ago in September 1993.

Politico reported that members of the audience booed and heckled Lew during his Jerusalem Post NY speech.

They knew the lies of Lew and the Administrations he worked for.

Jack Lew represents US Administrations with notorious records relating to Israel of promises made, promises never kept.

Israel is today a more beleaguered country in many ways as a result of Lew’s words and his bosses actions.

As such, Jack Lew should be the last person to be sitting in the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

Barry Shaw,
International Director of Public Diplomacy,
Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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Barry Shaw is the Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies. He is also the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism,' '1917. From Palestine to the Land of Israel, 'BDS for IDIOTS,' and his latest work 'A Tale of Love and Destiny,' the dramatic life of a Jewish heroine.
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