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In today’s globalized business reality, both Israeli and European young professionals are preoccupied with building partnerships and opening their burgeoning business to new markets and clients. At the same time, these young entrepreneurs are often hyper-focused on building their careers, even at the expense of other aspects of their personal development and exploration of issues of identity.

JConnect Forum will offer a network for young Jewish Professionals from Europe and Israel to encourage innovation, nurture business cooperation, share knowledge and skills, attract investors and offer access to new markets. Instead of trying to add a Jewish component to the already overwhelming schedule of these young business professionals, the Forum will bring a Jewish component to their business reality.

Currently there are some local Jewish business clubs in certain European cities and there is a pan European Jewish hub focused on bringing top industry experts together for an annual conference. JConnect will focus on building and growing ongoing business relationships between young professionals across the sea.

Growing up like a European myself, with over a decade of hi-tech experience in Israel, and a broad network of business connections across the globe, I am uniquely positioned to serve as a bridge in building this important network for the Jewish communities.

Rina Barbut, Founder of JConnect, immigrated to Israel from Turkey in 2008. Back home, she studied Computer Engineering and was employed as an IT Manager at the company where she worked. In Israel, she advanced in her career and worked in Global Technology Companies (in Business and Technology Related Positions) such as; Eset, Nice Systems, Microsoft and currently she is working in Check Point Software Technologies. She completed her second degree in Israel, International MBA. She was a Jewish Activist for years and led educational and social activities in Turkey and Europe.

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About the Author
Rina Barbut, made aliyah from Turkey in 2008. In Israel, she’s been working in business and technology related positions at global companies and completed an International MBA. For years she led Jewish educational and social activities in Turkey and Europe. Rina is currently developing JConnect Forum, a network for young Jewish professionals from Israel and Europe to nurture business cooperation.