Jeremy Corbyn is being defended by the Accidental Jews of JVP

Poor Jeremy Corbyn. The much maligned political leader of what is becoming the British Party of Antisemitism, better known as the socialist Labour Party of Great Britain, is again under attack by a respectable member of society; Ambassador Prosor, ambassador to Great Britain and later ambassador to the UN. 

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph (1) (unfortunately pay-walled), Ambassador Prosor continued the onslaught, aside from the usual accusations of antisemitic discourse, he proved Corbyn to be the ally of every terrorist organizations that hates Israel, finally suggesting that Corbyn should set his sights on a position in the UN, likely the world’s foremost antisemitic international organization.

But this is not another easy attack on the foremost antisemite in British politics. This is an attack on Corbyn’s supporters, the accidental Jews of the misnamed “Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP)” which is actually a group of people who have a parent who is Jewish but advocates for the destruction of Israel, the only guaranteed refuge for persecuted Jews. JVP is adequately described by NGO Monitor (2) as being the “Jewish” arm of the Palestinian solidarity movement, the foremost “Jewish” organization supporting the inherently antisemitic BDS campaign, and while engaging in antisemitic rhetoric, it ignores the antisemitism around it.     

Yitsak Santis, also from NGO Monitor goes further and describes JVP as a supporter of Hamas and individual Palestinian Arabs who have been convicted of murder, as well as being a parrot for the official Hamas PR guidelines.

So, what did JVP say about the well proven accusations of Corbyn’s antisemitism (4)? First, they accused the major Jewish newspapers of Great Britain of promoting a false definition of antisemitism, which those editors, whose reputations are not in question, are deliberately lying about the definition of antisemitism. Amazing! However, if antisemitism is only such if it meets JVP’s personal definition, they have a point, no matter how malicious. As Howard Jacobson stated (as recorded by Mosaic): “To talk of anti-Semitism as racism is a contradiction in terms for Jeremy Corbyn, since in his eyes Jews are neither downtrodden nor exploited but are—as usurers, colonialists, and conspirators—the very source and fount of racism themselves. Once one hold Jews to be racist, and Zionism a racist endeavor, then no anti-Semite can ever be a racist himself. And any definition that says otherwise must be amended (5).”

JVP goes on to make the red herring point, that only antisemites, Anti-Zionists, and Israel-haters make – that all criticism of Israel is considered antisemitic by supporters of Israel, as well as that Pro-Israel Jews conflate anti-Zionism with antisemitism. The complaint “all criticism of Israel is antisemitic to supporters of Israel” canard is so old it is hard to imagine JVP not being embarrassed to beat that dead horse, trying to make it trot.  And the second dead horse, accusing supporters of Israel for conflating anti-Zionism with antisemitism, is an even older canard. Zionism is Jewish nationalism, plain and simple. If Zionism is racist, then Pan-Arabism is racist and French nationalism is racist. Of course Palestinian Arab nationalism is racist, especially with Abbas’ announcement that no Jew would be permitted to live in “Palestine (6).” 

But that is not JVP’s stance. For JVP, only Zionism is racist.  And if that is so, then JVP certainly is an antisemitic organization and their defense of Corbyn is merely in defense of their own antisemitism. Accidental Jews indeed.







About the Author
Jack F. Sigman is a Ph.D. candidate at Gratz College. He is the author of Israel Committed genocide...! Really? The Accusations and why they are Wrong. He has lectured at the Annual Scholars Conference, at Florida Gulf Coast University and Nova Southeastern University. He is an associate of the Academic Engagement Network.