Jeremy Corbyn , Labor Anti-Semitism and British Jews

So Jeremy Corbyn did it again.The leader of the British Labor party, who already expressed his support for Hamas and Hizballah ordered a inquiry into allegations of rampant anti-Semitism in Labor. In a day when a 13 years old Jewish girl is stabbed to death by an animal, while sleeping in her bed, the leader of Britain’s Socialism got the findings of the review of anti-Semitism which he himself ordered.

Here is what he said;” Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for actions of Israel than Muslims are for Islamic State”. So simple to dismiss it as a moronic statement by a useful idiot, who already made so many other such statements on so many other issues. Yes, a moronic statement, and he does not deserve any niceties in a day like this, or in any other day. But there is a bigger story here, that of how the Left Wing in the UK has drifted into pure antisemitism, not always even camouflaged as anti Zionism, and how this is handled by our brothers there, left-Wing Jews , good-meaning Socialists and Progressives, people who are involved in Israel advocacy, but what advocacy?.

Let me put it all in some perspective by referring to a non-Jew Briton, Martin Bright, a man I have never met, a man whose present occupation is not known to me. On 15 May 2008, when he was the editor of the New Statesman, THE most respected magazine of
British Socialism, he published the article ”The Great Betrayal” which already then discussed the growing anti Zionist and anti-Semitic slant of the Labor party in England. He went on to predict, that after the inevitable and justified Israeli retaliation to the unprovoked rocket attacks from Gaza [he wrote the article as a result of a visit in Israel and time spent in Sderot], the Left and Islamic Jihadists will march together in the streets of London against Israel .

He was proven right , of course. They did march together during the first Gaza war in 2009. Bright wrote the inevitable ”I told you so”… and a day after publishing this article, he left his position as editor of New Statesman, ”by mutual consent”. Well, this was 7 years back, and even that article referred to processes happening for years before. The inescapable conclusion, is that Labor has gone through a long process of adopting anti Israel positions, a process which even the Pro-Israel Tony Blair could not stop. Blair incidentally called his Labor the New Labor Party, but when it comes to Israel, there was nothing new.

Many in the Left simply adopted the most anti Israel possible line, and in the process they created the shameful coalition with the devil itself. This is not British phenomenon only , as it has happened in so many other places. Let us remind our readers of the love affair between Noam Chomski and Hizballah , as well as with Holocaust deniers like the notorious Frenchman, Robert Fourisson. Another example is tyat of the late Gunter Grass , the German Literature Noble Laureate, who on the eve of a documentary recording his past as a Waffen SS soldier, remembered all of a sudden to admit being a Nazi soldier to the last day of the war. Still, the famous writer continued to the last day of his life to vent his anti Israel vitriol, including the infamous poem defending Iran and blaming Israel for being the greatest threat to world peace.

In a way therefore, no need to single Corbyn out of others, but he made his statement today, and this is simply the latest , most dramatic example of the developing phenomenon of what I call Red Fascism. Left Wing antisemitism , sometimes thinly disguised as anti Zionism, sometimes not even that. Nothing to do with settlements, nothing to do with two states solution or not.

In fact, most , if not all the Labor anti Zionist/antisemite propagandists do not support two states, as they want one big Arab-controlled Palestine , and refer to Israel in its entirety , as one big settlement. The notorious Red Ken Livingstone said it simply ,”the establishment of Israel in 1948 was a catastrophe”, and now Corbyn compares Israel to ISIS, which has to be destroyed. Also Israel?. Well, Corbyn does not say it, but is it too much to believe that he thinks so?. This is relevant to one other aspect of vthe situation, of the unfolding drama. It has to do with those Jews who are still Laborites and pro-Israel and claim to be Zionists. Exactly because I believe in the ”big tent” concept, I am not getting here into a detailed discussion of who is a Zionist and pro-Israel, but Is it too much to expect the few Jews who are still in Labor to finally break the rules, declare that a leader who compares Israel to ISIS is antisemite, demand his resignation and leave the party if he does not?. To do that will not be to defy the ”big tent ” concept. Will simply be to show the minimum measure of Jewish self-respect.

About the Author
Dr Josef Olmert, a Middle East expert, is currently an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina