Jerusalem Day – Our Memories are so short

I feel I am forced to write this article even though I am very unqualified to do so. I see an apathy around me, a choice to not even acknowledge or appreciate Jerusalem Day.

In June 1967, one of the greatest miracles occurred. A gift was handed to the Jewish people. The Kotel was returned to us – The Holy Wall in Jerusalem.

Yossi Klein Halevi mentioned in a recent talk that on that particular Shavuot following this major event in 1967 there was such an outpouring of unity, pride, appreciation and support. Israelis of all streams flocked Aliyah Laregel to the Kotel.

What has happened to this sense of appreciation?  Where is our Hakara Tov for one of the greatest events in 2000 years of our history? Did we forget? Do we choose to forget?

I am going to digress a little, to ask a parallel question – Why after 70 years after Nazi Germany, is the BDS campaign to boycott Jewish businesses happening? Did we forget? Do we choose to forget?

The world we live in seems to be a strange place. There is a lack of honesty in the world. There is a lack of moral clarity. This has become more pronounced with the advancement of the Internet and Social Media.

We can understand the world being dishonest. We can understand countries trying to cover up their past sins by accusing Israel of being the most evil state in the world. And, we can excuse their dishonesty, but not our own lack of moral clarity.

We say at the Pesach Seder – Next year in a (united) Jerusalem. Do we really mean this?

We pray 3 times a day for the rebuilding of the Beit Hamikdash and for our participation in this event. Are we sincere when we pray?

If one were to outwardly express these words, we would be branded right wing extremists (and possibly be arrested or persecuted)

The Arabs hold no punches when they say what they want – So why don’t we?

I believe it is because we are not true to our beliefs and to our faith, and because of that the world sees us as imposters.

Now I may be accused of being a right wing Messianic Jew – but this is the reality.

I cannot understand the focus of the world on Israel and on the Jews. They are obsessed.  left wingers, right wingers, avid secularists and Religions throughout the Muslim and Christian Worlds know the truth and are scared of it.

They know the truth, that this return of Jerusalem is divine and that our being here is proof that all they stand for is ‘wrong’. They know the truth that when the Jews will rebuild the Temple, the game will be up for them.

That explains the World. But what about us?

For me, it an acknowledgement of God that the world is obsessed with us. It is an acknowledgment that the Jews have a pivotal role in being God’s Chosen people.

We should be a light to the Nations. Instead, we are scorned by the Nations.

There is much food for the thought here, but I want to end off with a lesson from Reb Shlomo Carlebach.  At the time of King Shlomo’s Temple, all the Nations acknowledged the Beit Hamikdash – The Temple that brought peace and prosperity to the world. Our Sages say that the rebuilding of the Temple will bring both peace and prosperity to world. If only the world would believe this, then instead of attacking us, they would be sending support to help us rebuild the Temple.

In addition, if only the Jews and Israelis would know and articulate this, then the world would have a better chance of being full of peace and prosperity.

About the Author
Jeffrey is a Blogger, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist (we can only dream) living in Jerusalem. He has five kids and three grandchildren. He is looking to spread the message of Ahavat Yisrael and Jewish Unity through the music and teachings of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and connecting our lost Jewish brothers and sisters to Israel. God and themselves.