Sandy Brudner

Jerusalem’s Timeless Pulse

Prayers between the cracks

As we celebrate Jerusalem Day we recognize Jerusalem’s dated history, breathtaking architecture, diverse population, her spiritual nature, and eclectic vibes. It’s our city of gold that has touched my soul, filling me with spiritual fulfillment, excitement and inspiration to cross the threshold of creativity.

I missed Jerusalem over the last few weeks and I decided to get out and explore the different neighborhoods. Jerusalem is quieter than what I remember her to be. Even during this quiet time while Jerusalem is void of tourists, you can feel the pulse of her beating heart.

Driving down the hill towards Ein Kerem, it feels like its own distinct village. Steps and alleyways lead to charming fenced homes with quaint courtyards filled with mature trees, lush greenery and bright flowers. There are so many hidden gems to discover. Looking upwards toward the tops of the Jerusalem mountains, the view is absolutely stunning.

Machane Yehuda gives off an eclectic vibe.  It’s the vibrant colors of the ripe fruits and vegetables, the aromas of the freshly baked goods, the halva in so many flavors and the mountains of spices that are characteristic of this popular market. It’s lowered shutters reveals the painted murals spanning the Jewish ages and Israeli culture along with the creativity of its artist.

Exploring the elegant pathways of Yemin Moshe the neighborhood is quiet and beautiful to enjoy. The uniform grids, hidden courtyards, unique doors and vibrant foliage provide the area with so much charm. Looking towards the direction of the Old City, the view is so impressive.

I marvel at the site of the Old City, its layers of history uncovered from beneath the Kotel tunnels. I transcend time walking through the arches of the past, being grateful for the present and praying for the future.

Reaching the Kotel  – the holiest site in the world – it is our tangible way of connecting to Hashem. We pray for health, happiness, abundance and so much more, leaving remnants of handwritten prayers behind, folded and nestled between the wall’s cracks.

As the sun sets, and the golden rays bounce off the Jerusalem stone, the sky turns red, amber and goldish yellow. There’s still so much more to experience in our majestic city of gold. We continue to see it’s beauty in all areas of life as we preserve the old and celebrate the new.

About the Author
Originally from Toronto, Canada, Sandy Brudner made aliyah to Israel with her family. Since making aliyah, she realized her dream of opening Sandy B Interiors, an Interior Design and Homestyling Studio designing beautiful and functional homes for people living in Israel as well as for people living abroad owning investment or vacation apartments. She has a creative flair that transforms spaces into inviting, stylish and practical homes her clients love spending time in.
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