Jonathan Russo

Jesus is about to save Israel, Ukraine, & Taiwan

How? He is going to use Mike Johnson, the newly elected Speaker of the House, as his servant. Speaker Johnson makes no apologies for his Christian views. They frame both his inner life and his political one. He is a Bible believing evangelical and he is on record as saying, “My faith informs everything I do.” The other day he said on Fox, “if you want to know my worldview, read the Bible.” Through this lens he views the world of sexuality, abortion, and marriage.

But what does Christianity “inform” us when it comes to foreign policy, specifically the three hot spots of Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan? Here is where the isolationists, MAGA-ites, and Russian trolls that are a large portion of the Republican House may be in for a big surprise.

He already surprised by saying this about aid to Ukraine: “We can’t allow [Russian President] Vladimir Putin to prevail in Ukraine, because I don’t believe it would stop there and it would probably encourage and empower China to perhaps make a move on Taiwan, we have these concerns,” he continued.

He has already made it abundantly clear that Israel will be first in line for military assistance.

Without his articulating specifics, Speaker Johnson is a proponent of a Christian domino theory. The original domino theory, first espoused by President Truman and amplified by President Eisenhower, was that communism, if given a base, would use that opportunity to expand its territory.

One of Christianity’s arch enemies is “godlessness.” Dwellers in the lands of the godless are lost souls without hope of redemption or salvation. Since Marx attacked all religion as “the opioid of the masses,” it stands to reason that Christianity is a war with Communism. The two largest countries currently claiming to be Communist are China and Russia. By deduction, Mike Johnson opposes them. Jesus told him that was the right policy.

When it comes to Israel, we all know the evangelicals are unreserved supporters of the Zionist enterprise. They take it on faith that the indwelling of the Jews is a precursor to the return of Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven. Speaker Johnson is in a unique historical position to fulfill this biblical prophecy. In fact he acknowledged this in his opening remarks when he said in his acceptance speech, “I believe that Scripture, the Bible is very clear, that God is the one who raises up those with authority. He raised up each of you. All of us. And I believe that God has ordained and allowed each one of us to be brought here for this specific time.”

So he is going to find support for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan because God and his messenger on earth Jesus Christ has anointed him to do just that.

This is going to come as a revelation to the above-mentioned opposition. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene and the do-nothing crowd are going to be blindsided. So are Bannon and his “shut it down” anarchist movement. They thought Johnson was a MAGA-loving, anti-spending conservative who was going to hand Ukraine to Russia and Taiwan to China. They thought he was going to balance the budget on the backs of the Ukrainians and defund the “forever wars” and put America first.

What they failed to see is that the forever wars are forever because the forces of good and evil will dwell and battle it out until the revelation. Talk about forever! These are not wars in the conventional sense but more like the crusades of old. Theological conflicts that have Jesus on one side and Muslims and Communists on the other.

Speaker Johnson has mumbled something about “wanting to know the endgame” in Ukraine…wouldn’t we all…but that may be a sop to the isolationists and budget hawks.

There is nothing on earth more powerful than faith. The belief in a higher power or religious savior that acts as a moral guide can trump (pun intended) all.

The American public is about to see Christian evangelical beliefs in action. It is also going to see the hypocrisy baked into a belief system that elevated the most immoral president in the entire history of our country.

Chances are Americans of all walks of life: gay people, single mothers, social security recipients, and Medicare recipients are going to see a harsher side of the evangelical movement. It would be ironic in the extreme if the citizens of Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan were showered in American largess at their expense.

The new speaker might be more of a Make America Last guy. If so, we should hold Jesus to account for that.

Jonathan Russo, a New York native, had a four-decade career in the advertising and entertainment business. Subsequently, he has devoted himself to journalism. His writing on economics, foreign policy and domestic policy has appeared in Worth Magazine, The Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo, The Daily News, The Observer, Real Clear Markets, Real Clear World and The Times of Israel.

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Jonathan Russo has been observing Israel and its policies since he first visited in 1966. He is a businessman in New York City.