Jew haters say ‘Everything depends on the context’

Courtesy Rijksmonument from Wikipedia
Courtesy Rijksmonument from Wikipedia

We live with an irony of double standards where calling for the genocide of Jews in US universities is acceptable “Depending on the context”. For over 75 years, numerous Jew & Israel haters and almost all MENA countries at some point in history have called for the extermination of Israel and the massacre of all Jews. Iran and its axis of evil even today wants the flushing out of Jews from the river to the sea.

However, the South African lawsuit supported by Turkey and Bolivia search for references, contexts and alternative meanings to statements made by our leaders claiming that Israel is committing genocide. IDF actions are in extreme scrutiny in Gaza. But Palestinians have killed hundreds and thousands of Jews through endless wars and terrorism with the sole and well recognized mission of wiping out the Jews in Israel and across the world. Yet when Israel fights back in the most ethical way possible, we are sued with genocidal claims in the International court of Justice.

The IDF has endlessly tried to reduce civilian casualties whereas Hamas calls the death of their civilians as martyrdom. How are we subjected to the highest standards of war against the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust while our enemies to get away with murder, beheadings and rape. Most of the world and most left wing organizations become quiet. Ultimately, for the people who hate us it only depends on the context.

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A Zionist who did Aliyah from Mumbai (Bene Israeli Jew) in 2018. Adir is an MBA from the renowned Jamnalal Bajaj School of Management in Mumbai. He has been a politics, economics & finance enthusiast from a young age. From writing about current affairs in school to responding to news pieces of the Jerusalem post which were published. Adir has come a long way from India to Israel and kept pursuing his passions in finance, global politics, world macro economics, business news and issues that affect us all. He is a full time banker in Israel and a multi passionate soul.
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