Jew hatred and pragmatics: Zionism as a hate movement


Originally, Zionism used to express the desire of the Jewish people to live in the Land of Israel, in an independent Jewish state. Today, after the establishment of the State of Israel, the term refers more to the support of modern Israel, and to the Jewish people as having historical rights to live therein. According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, Zionism is “an international movement originally for the establishment of a Jewish national or religious community in Palestine and later for the support of modern Israel” (“Palestine” therein, refers to “region in southwestern Asia bordering on the eastern Mediterranean population3,764,000”).

The word “Zionism” is based on the word “Zion,” which appears in the book of Isaiah as another name for the Jewish people, for the Land of Israel, and for Jerusalem. In Hebrew, it has the addition of a Hebrew suffix, standing for an abstract noun, representing a very specific meaning, which concerns the small nation of Israel. The suffix common in Hebrew is different from the suffix -ism, also used in Hebrew, but to denote more general terms, as well as some types of ideologies: political (such as Communism and Fascism), or social (such as Chauvinism and Feminism); also some more.

In European languages ​​the distinction in suffix is not made, and it seems to me that the lack of this distinction enables anti-Semites to use the word Zionism for anti-Semitic propaganda. Since linguistically, there is no difference between Zionism and other ideologies – as they all carry the same suffix – anti-Semites have identified the opportunity for another linguistic abuse, and as part of the global brainwashing against Israel and the Jewish people, they use it to spread a false and misleading interpretation that Zionism is a racist political ideology, which supports the exclusion and denial of rights of whoever is not Jewish. This is in contrast to theoretically possible, but practically non-existing concepts describing other peoples, such as Chinism, Dutchism, Canadianism or Australianism. Obviously, this linguistic abuse presents Zionism as mainly directed against Muslim population, in particular so-called Palestinians.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, rerun? Exactly that. Even the name “Zion” is a motif that stars in both cases. The term Zionism is in fact used as a synonym for Afrikaans / Dutch Apartheid (see previous post), for the delegitimization of the State of Israel, and the delegitimization of the Jewish people, entailed from it.

We are once again witnessing the psychology of sickening hatred towards Israel and the Jews: the phenomenon of the multiple use of different words for the exact same concept, making it specific to Israel and/or to Jews, by using an additional term, originally having nothing to do with the way it is “marketed.” This is intended to create a criminal image, and to provide the illusion of the Jewish people seeking to take over the world, while denying human rights to anyone who is not Jewish, Israeli or Zionist, particularly – “Palestinian.”

Lately, a new sign was spotted being used by BDS activists (picture by Michael Jacobs in Dam Square, Amsterdam), providing a new definition to Zionism:

“Zionism is a system of ethnoreligious supremacy that grants Jewish citizens rights not granted to other citizens, that relegates Palestinians and those of other racial and ethnic backgrounds to second-class citizen status. Zionism is an inherently racist ideology; it always has been, from its very origins, and it always will be.”

Zionism, of course, is related to Jews, and only to Jews, and again we observe anti-Semitic incitement here. An attempt to isolate the Jews, and to characterize them as responsible for a collection of negative acts, trying to eliminate them. Diverting people’s attention from internal issues – to an external “problem,” the latter being characterized by features of Israel-haters, attributing them to the object of their hatred. Also, “scientifically” interesting, this “racist” feature comes from a genetic origin: “Zionism is an inherently racist ideology,” and it becomes a part of the Jewish people’s DNA in disguise.

For those who still claim that they are not against Jews, only against the Jewish state – that is another lie. “Zion” was the term used to refer to the Jewish people, the Land of Israel, and Jerusalem, in the Bible, thousands of years prior to the establishment of the State of Israel. Indeed, Zionism was one of the foundations that entailed the establishment of the State of Israel, and it supports the right of the Jews on the Land of Israel to this day; but Zionism is over fifty years older than the State of Israel and is affiliated mainly with Diaspora Jews. It never existed alongside with “Palestinians” who only emerged in the sixties of the twentieth century. Thus, BDS’s claim that Zionism is a racist ideology is another sign for Anti-Semitism, in a mask.

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Holding a PhD degree in linguistics from the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, I am the Principal Linguist in an Israeli Hi-Tech company, dealing with artificial intelligence. Also, I give enrichment lectures in language issues to all audiences. I have a previous experience in writing several guest-columns for various Jewish journals in the US and Canada. I am based in Israel.
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