Jewish Antisemitism

TOI Headline – Hundreds of Haredim ignore ban, crowd Jerusalem Streets to Celebrate Lag B’Omer

This is just one of many headlines (many from ToI) that try to vilify an entire sector of Jews. Let’s substitute the word “Ethiopians” or “Gays” instead of Haredim and let’s see what an outcry of self-righteousness would pour out from ToI and the other news sites.

The non -religious, no, let’s be more accurate, the left Ashkenazi elite and the conservative and reform along with Leiberman have worked very hard to alienate the Haredi sector.

  • Accusations against Litzman, who cared for all sectors, of engaging in partisanship and protecting pedophiles
  • Accusations against Rabbi Kanievsky for ignoring COVID19
  • Accusations against Haredim for not working, not going to the army, not paying taxes, taking too much money
  • Accusations against Haredim wanting to impose religion on everyone
  • Accusations against Haredim for enforcing status quo…

… and the list goes on.

The agenda of these Jewish anti-Semites – and yes – you are Jewish and yes – you are anti-Semites engage in tropes used by enemies of the Jews from Pharaoh of old through Goebbels

Jewish antisemitism is not a new phenomenon. Unfortunately throughout the centuries Jews have suffered from Jews. However we can draw a parallel from non Jewish antisemitism to the current form of Jewish antisemitism.

In the 21st century anti-Semitism has morphed into delegitimizing an entire country simply because it is Jewish. The old Yiddish adage of “as what happens by the Christians happens by the Jews “ is true with this too. An entire sector of Jews are trying to delegitimize an entire sector of Jews simply because they are religious.

The source of both types of antisemitism is fear and invalidation.

  • The non Jewish anti-Semites fear the success of Israel. They also hate Israel because it invalidates their narrative. The Islamic narrative of the Ummah and the Christian narrative of the Accursed Jew is suddenly negated by a flourishing Jewish country in the midst of the Arabian middle east.
  • The Jewish anti-Semites fear the success of the Haredi world. In the 1940s and 50s the Haredi world was supposed to go the way of the Dodo, both here in Israel and in the Diaspora. The reality is very different. Haredi Judaism, the authentic Judaism of yesteryear is alive and thriving here and everywhere while Conservative and Reform Judaism is driving itself into extinction.

The current Haredi population is 10% of Israel, no government can be formed and last without the Haredim and in a matter of a decade Haredim will be 20% of Israel. This stokes the fear of the Jewish anti-Semites as they see their dreams crumble.

If this long election cycle has shown anything it has showcased the political power of the Haredi world. Certainly there are differences between Shas and UTJ, but in key issues all Haredi parties are in agreement and therefore they are the largest relevant political bloc after Likud and Kachol Lavan. Moreover this will only continue upward. Through 3 contentious elections, despite the despicable attacks of Yesh Atid and Liberman the Haredi community held its own without erosion of any seats. That steadfastness speaks to the core values that exist in the Haredi community and that will be the base to build from in future elections.

The Haredi world is not monolithic. The Haredi world is not immune to criticism. The Haredi world is not perfect. The Haredi world has its crackpots too.

Which society does not have these same flaws?

The key difference is that the values of the Haredi world are Jewish and eternal whereas the values of the secular world is non Jewish, ephemeral and nihilistic.

A famous rabbi once commented, two people on a large ladder, one towards the top and one towards the bottom, which one is greater? The answer is the one on the bottom because he is climbing up whereas the one on top is climbing down.

We will wave as we pass you by.

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Aron Epstein is a certified public accountant. He made Aliyah with his family in 2009 from Cleveland, Ohio. Aside from an active business Aron enjoys outdoors sports, particularly skiing, although doesn't get enough time to do it.
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