Jewish history must not be erased from our curriculum

Scott at the front of the March of the Living in 2017. (Jewish News - Sam Churchill Photography)
Scott at the front of the March of the Living in 2017. (Jewish News - Sam Churchill Photography)

Not that long ago, we were remembering our liberation from Egypt. Then, centuries later in Warsaw on the 19th of April 1943, the story of freedom wasn’t told but actioned yet again. On this very Erev Pesach, Mordechai Anielewicz led the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. As a young inspirational leader – directed well but outnumbered and outgunned – the weakened Jewish fighters armed with homemade grenades took part in a battle that went on for 4 weeks.

With no realistic tools, these Jews did not want to give up on their hope to freedom. We must remember their heroism like we need to remind ourselves each year of leaving slavery from Egypt.

Another event full of tragedy but also joy is the March of The Living, which falls this year between the 24-29 of April. One could ask where is the joy here? Well, it is in the fact that regardless of what the history of humanity throws at the Jewish people, we will survive. There are so many nations that no longer exist – empires and countries – but we, despite many being in the diaspora, have restored our ancestral home. One of the oldest countries in the world, going back to 1300 BCE. Despite the longstanding history, many revisionist historians and antisemites try to erase our history from the educational system, and it is our responsibility to make sure that this will not happen.

The remembrance of those events should connect each of us to our ancestral home and the fact that still in the 21st century we fight antisemitism and we fight for the existence of our Jewish ancestral home that is constantly not only under terrorist attack, but is subjected to attacks from the hypocritical European Union and United Nations that allows the creation of fake history and is then fed to millions of youngsters – in some instances, creating an identity crisis within one’s roots.

This said, we can no longer ignore issues related to ‘’Palestinians’’ who try to create their identity. Therefore, we need robust Zionist education of our own children and fair understanding of the complex issues affecting Israel. A nation that is always subject to criticism on the global scale regardless of its enormous input into every field of science, literature, economy, medicine and other daily spheres of life. So don’t be passive but be an educated, confident, and peaceful activist. Don’t be a slave of fashion ideologies.

It is not fashionable to support Israel currently. But why would you not hold up to your roots knowing millions have died so you can live and more importantly have an ancestral home? Lastly, not least importantly, there is no perfect country, no perfect politicians so is it worth being antizionist because today’s fashion dictates this? Look back into history and reflect upon what you see today. Participate in March of The Living. Make sure this is signed into education and your family curriculum.

About the Author
Maddie is a Sociologist with a law degree, and a legal translation professional speaking many languages with an interest in international law and politics.