Vicki Polin
Social Justice Activist

Jewish MAGA Republicans and the Former German Nationalist Society Party

I hate when it feels like history is repeating itself. It’s reminiscent to watching a scary horror flick and no matter what you do — you can’t educate folks who are not interested in listening.

I personally see the MAGA Republicans / Christian Nationalist Party as being extremely similar to Adolf Hitler’s “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP).  It’s as if the GOP is using Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” as their playbook.  

Sadly, there are several Jews (mostly ultra orthodox) who are continuing to be buying into the Republican agenda.  This is very similar to what occurred in the 1920s through the early 1930s in Germany, when there was splinter group of around 7,000 Jews who aligned themselves with Adolf Hitler. 

On some levels it’s as if history is repeating itself, this time ultra-orthodox Jews aligning themselves with Donald Trump — even after he made so many antisemitic statements. This group of Jews see Donald Trump as being the ultimate American, with the belief he will help bring about the moshiach.

A few years after the end of World War I, a German attorney by the name of Max Naumann founded the organization “Verband nationaldeutscher Juden (League of National German Jews).

Members of the League of National German Jews saw themselves as being German’s first, and were trying to assimilate into German society, erasing the fact they were Jews.  Members of the League didn’t understand that Hitler saw them differently and didn’t want anything to do with them.  The organization was founded in March 20, 1921 and was outlawed by the Nazis on November 18, 1935.

Naumann’s organizations supported the expulsion of European Jewish immigrants from Germany as the Nazis did, needless to say most Jews considered him to be anti-semitic.

Max Naumann and his 7,000 followers were unsuccessful in convincing the National Socialists Party (Nazis) to accept them and their goal of mass Jewish assimilation, or to be given special status in the Third Reich. According to reports, Naumann lost his life to cancer in 1939 while living in Berlin.

From what I’ve been reading and seeing, the MAGA Republican Party represents extremism and a totalitarian regime, just as Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party did.

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Vicki Polin is a feminist who has been a Social Justice Activist since her childhood. Vicki is also an award winning, retired psychotherapist who worked in the anti-rape field for just under forty years. For fun Vicki is an artist and nature photographer.
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