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Jewish Students and Faculty Must Sue

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We have all been following the horrific news and video clips coming out of our American universities of blatant antisemitism coupled with intimidation, harassment, barring of access, and violence from Hamas terrorist protesters against Jewish students and faculty under the false guise of blaring calls for Palestinian freedom “from the river to the sea.”

As our enemies gleefully chant, “There is only one solution, intifada revolution” and “by any (violent, abhorrent) means necessary,” we must answer with our “one solution” and that is to hold accountable the corrupt and even criminal institutions and leadership that are openly permitting this to occur.

For Jewish people, traditionally productive, law-abiding, and non-violent citizens, we have seen them sing and dance in the face of their evil tormentors, but they need to do more—they need to sue! 

The Jewish students paid for an educational service, and the Jewish faculty were hired to do the job of educating. Both were denied: the students the service and the faculty’s ability to teach. The universities with aggressive and violent mobs that have overtaken the campuses under the watchful eyes of the leadership and boards of trustees of these once sacred institutions have created a hostile and unsafe environment.

The Jewish students and faculty have been targeted and have had their civil rights violated, as they were actually barred from entering the campuses, the public spaces thereof, and the buildings to attend classes and study.

In just some recent examples, we have seen not only Jewish civil rights violated but perhaps even violent hate crimes committed:

  • Students at Cooper Union College have had to be locked into libraries.
  • At UC Berkeley, after a door was broken and windows smashed by pro-Palestinian protesters, Jewish students had to be evacuated through tunnels and had their event canceled because of the “threat of violence.”
  • At Princeton University, an anti-Israel rally was sponsored by a designated terrorist group where protesters accused Israel of genocide and called for intifada.
  • At Yale University, a Jewish student was barred by human chains from entering, reminiscent of Nazi Germany in 1938, and another Jewish female student was jabbed in the eye with a Palestinian flag in a “rowdy protest.”
  • At Columbia University, a Jewish student’s Israeli flag was burned and he was pelted with rocks, and Jewish professor Shai Davidi was denied access to the campus, while the hostile protesters were permitted in and allowed to set up “liberated zones” (free from Zionists/Jews) and tent camps. Moreover, a Rabbi associated with the university advised Jewish students to “go home and remain there due to safety concerns” at the university.

In the face of these and countless other harassing and violent incidents, the Jewish students and faculty must sue the universities, their leadership, and the board of trustees that allowed this to occur and who violated their fiduciary trust to protect the students and faculty and provide a proper and safe environment conducive to a higher education.

Since the universities have failed in the core functions, and have not taken responsibility or appropriate action (via consistent enforcement of rules and regulations, including suspension and expulsions, and have not consistently allowed in law enforcement, pressed charges, or prosecuted the dangerous offenders) for the spiraling out-of-control, rampaging, violent mobs on their campuses that have repeatedly endangered Jewish students and faculty, denied them their paid for education and ability to do their designated jobs.

In a democracy like the United States of America, where rights are guaranteed to the students by the Constitution and laws of the United States, the victims must sue and demand that the courts impose severe consequences and penalties on the institutions, and their failing leadership and boards of trustees and to make an example of them, so that this never happens again.

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