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Jewish Students at Rutgers Under Attack

It is no secret that antisemitism is on the rise on college campuses across the country. In some cases, the antisemites are even dropping the pretense of “anti-Zionism”. At Rutgers, two clubs including Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) recently called for the defunding of Hillel.

Rutgers Hillel is a Jewish student center specifically established to house and feed Jewish students who would otherwise lack access to kosher food and dorms. Rutgers Hillel is not an Israeli group by any stretch of the imagination. By attacking the main Jewish group on campus, SJP and their allies are targeting individual Jewish students simply because they are Jewish. They are employing the classic antisemitic canard that individual Jews can and should be held responsible for the actions of the Israeli government. This is literally one of the textbook examples of antisemitism, as defined by the U.S. government.

This is not the first time Jewish students at Rutgers University have faced antisemitic attacks. Rutgers has already been investigated THREE TIMES by the Department of Education for discriminating against Jewish students. The school administration has stood idly and allowed this to go on unchecked. Now, SJP and other student organizations feel empowered to overtly call for an end to Jewish life on campus.

We call on the administration to finally stand up and act against these attempts to harass and marginalize Jewish students.

ADD YOUR NAME to demand Rutgers University protect Jewish students!

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