Jews Are The Shill In Trump’s Campaign

The Jewish vote even in the swing state of Florida is minuscule, about 650k out of some 13M voters.  Why is Trump investing time and treasure ensuring Israel’s security? He risked a lot moving the embassy.  Now he is arm-twisting Arab states to normalize relations.  Sudan is being removed from the list of state-sponsors of terrorism. All for the Jewish vote? No. I believe for the 60M votes he can expect from the evangelicals and Christian Zionists. The Jews are a shill in Trump’s campaign.

What Will Turn-Out 60M Voters

Sixty-million evangelical voters are the critical core of President Trump’s reelection prospects. The love evangelicals and Christian Zionists hold in their hearts for Israel is expected to help drive eight out-of-ten to vote for Mr. Trump because he is Israel’s greatest friend, according to Israeli leaders.

The Jewish voters are Democrats and not going to switch to the Republicans. Ronald Regan held back his wrath from Prime Minister Begin when Israel violated U.S. policy by bombing Iraq’s nuclear reactor. Sec. of State James Baker did not hold back after telling P.M. Shamir “to lay aside, once and for all, the unrealistic vision of a Greater Israel.” Baker and President Bush believed Shamir misled the president about new settlements. Baker sent a strong message that “Everybody over there should know that the [White House] telephone number is 1-202-456-1414,” Baker said. “When you’re serious about peace, call us.”

Trump Plays Hardball and Now is Payback

Mr. Trump understands Jews are not voting in any great numbers for him or other Republicans. He wants the current P.M. and Jewish influencers to inspire evangelicals and C.Z.s to get-out-the-vote because they were the engine that put him in office. And pro-Israel activists are in a frenzy.

In June, Bibi told attendees at the annual conference of Christians United for Israel, “When I say we have no greater friends than Christian supporters of Israel, I know you’ve always stood with us.” We share a heritage. We share a friend in the White House was his underlying message.

Josh Reinstein, director of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, and named one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world, goes so far as to characterize Mr. Trump, as the progenitor of King Cyrus the Great, “ Who aided the Jewish people’s return to their land.” Reinstein implores them, your “vision adheres to biblical principles to get more involved in the political process….Help defend God’s covenant with Israel.”   The president needs your votes if Israel, America, and Christian biblical values are to survive, Reinstein and others scream to the evangelicals.

 Israel Depends on God’s People to Vote

Israel haters dominate the old Democrats in Congress led by The Squad and deep- state Obamaites, argue the pro-Israel activists. Vote them out is the strategy.  “Whenever you see hate against Israel, you also see animosity for Bible-believing Christians, because it is essentially a fight against those who defend God’s covenant with Israel,” says Reinstein.

So, while Israelis and Orthodox Diaspora Jews overwhelmingly support the president’s reelection for what he has done for Israel, his campaign expects the Jews to get 60-million Christians to the polls on November 3rd as payback. The president’s foreign policy shifts “were biblically correct…(and) if Christians continue to strongly support President Trump, he will win a second term.” I promise,  Reinsteintells them. But I learned from twenty years working in the administrations of four governors there are no sure things in elections and God doesn’t always come to the rescue.

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Dr. Goldmeier is a former Research and Teaching Fellow at Harvard University and teaches international university students in Tel Aviv. His new book is HEALTH INSIGHTS @ He served in the administrations of three US governors and Surgeon General, is a commerce and industry consultant, writer, and public speaker on social, health, and public policy issues.
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