Jews, Muslims Strange Bedfellow or Comrade-in-War?

According to Islamic history, Jews were Levanters for thousands of years prior to Islam.  Following Islam’s descend, the two communities respectfully lived together in most of following centuries backing each other in the time of the need not because the Muslims were minority and turned the other cheeks.

The prophet urged Muslims to respect other religions including idolatry.  “Confusion is sleeping, curse to who wakes it up” Hadith says. He has shown in words and in action practicing Islam’s non-compulsory principles in the scriptures. The prophet the true decoder of Islam never issued special Fatwa against Jews. Instead, history tells many exemplary stories of coexistence and cooperation between Muslims and Jews or even the prophet’s personal interactions with the Jews. For example. The prophet borrowed a shield from a Jew. The Jew, according to Hadith, generously offered him. sacred text in Hebrew was read upon him to know earlier religions written in Al-Cibriya the Hebrew—therefore; Islam wasn’t an aberration which fell from vacuum but the renewal and continuation of old Abrahamic religions.

Muslims and Jews are very much in common: Oneness of God for being Unitarian faiths both take their creed very seriously.

Toxic rhetoric and prejudice masqueraded as Fatwas has been spewed to demonize Jews but now, of the freedom uprisings, the struggling dynasties withdrew radicalizing brochures from their shelves, burnt, and removed fliers stuck on walls of Madrasa depicting anti-Semitic artistic works. The misled Imams secretly informed to do something  else useful on their potential.

Except chauvinistic zealots who ruled out the possibility of alliance of these belligerent communities. European Imams took different approach extending to brotherly gesture to stand by Jews. Those justify, however, their hatred against Jews and Christians misuse this verse “Don’t take Jews or Christians for friends….” scholars say this verse is only limited to the time of open hostility.

Some fault-seekers with superficial knowledge in Islam argue that the following verse of unifying intent among the three Ibrahamic faiths  is abrogated by followed verses. “For had it not been for Allah’s repelling some men by means of others, cloisters and churches and oratories and mosques, wherein the name of God is oft mentioned, would assuredly have been pulled down.” Chapter 22, verse 40. But it is very much better the leaflets filled with smearing anthems circulating in the Madrasa.

Pope Francis is welcomed by Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, upon his arrival at the Abu Dhabi airport, United Arab Emirates, on February 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini, Pool)

Only decade ago, none of us would ever believe the epicenter of the major players of mass beheading sects of ISIS, Al-Shabab, Boko Haram, Taliban, and dozen unknown virus could embrace mainstream Islam where hatred and vilification is suppressed to minimum if not finally trashed.

Not only ordinary western tourists including Jews were allowed to visit the UAE grand mosques like the Jumeirah Mosque but also priests and monks were recently obliged to tour magnificent mosques in the UAE like historic mosques in Granada in ex-Andulusia not with the intention of proselyting but in the spirit of unifying and restore Islam’s image in the global arena. Did they find new Hadith that bridge the gab among troubled religions of the world?

Rabbis were supposed to precede the Hindu priests because they belong to the People of the Book, and polytheists come last. Because of saving face domestically and internationally, the UAE forced to hug Hindu priests in grand mosques on camera why not Rabbis? Not ripe perhaps, they argue. The Hadith sparing Jews not yet succeeded.

Post-oil Bahrain forced to show openness to the world to survive the harsh land it locates after the oil depleted; Hanukah fanfares held in Manama, crowds of Jews came from afar to participate.

The unfortunate Somalia yet shuns to plagiarize Jewish ingenuity of annihilating the terror plague so far lest apostasy. Backwards societies keen to keep mental locks and shackles and only their faith is fully fed with hatred and ungodliness. How can standing next to a Jew make a Somali an apostate? I think they are reading a sacred book of their own making.

What prevented them to do so isn’t yet clear but it can neither be the genuine Islam nor animosity because Somalia doesn’t share border with Israel nor involved in the land disputes but the trans-border disease of antisemitism conveyed through Saudi-funded Madrasa textbooks can kill their innocence.

Only America if seriously to eradicate anti-Semitism in the Horn of Africa to lessen the threat Beta-Israelis in Ethiopia face, can confront their puppet state of Saudi’s medieval dynasty urging to update Africa’s religious curriculum replacing Jihadi verses with development subjects like medicine and engineering or your poisoning oil would boycotted in the western market.

Abyss of ignorance dazzles the impoverished Muslim society rendering them to a point of no return like Afghanistan, Somalia, Chad, Libya, and many others. Although hatred is the entertainment of the lazybones and losers who failed to sweep Jewish children to the sea, it consumes up only those who lash out and alienates brotherly communities.

If the perpetrator knew that Jews and Muslims were worshiping the same God as his but in different style, the casualties would be alive today. Unrelenting online radicalization by clergies pollutes the fresh mind of the youth.

The African poor Imams trained with petrodollar funds in Pakistan and Yemen are vulnerable to be exploited for strategic destabilization of their countries’ rich fields with minerals and oil and their unchecked sermons of no-foundation in the orthodox Islam would only further polarize the humanity with misunderstood verses and Hadiths. once back, they are seen a sort a baptized, a born-again Muslims whose  prayers and curses are picked up by God’s hotline.

‘Beloved’ and anathema infidels doesn’t trace back to the old days of Islam respect among Jews and Muslims who understood the value of diversity existed.

‘Beloved’ Christians and Hindus by some Muslim countries even if their countries at war with Muslim minority such as India, Russia or China’s imprisonment of more than million Muslims for the claims of “ re-educating” but reshaping and de-culturing is a new phenomenon. The exclusive hatred against Jewish communities worldwide has been invested but it backfired and it is wrong Islamically. some put the blame squarely under the foot of the Muslims’ antisemitism on Israeli- Palestine conflict to escape their irresponsibility.

what’s so special about Palestinian deaths particularly the terrorists Hamas aiming to kill innocent Jews? why Khashmiris whose daughters gang-raped afterwards burnt to death by Hindu extremist in Indian-administered Kashmar not attract one single UN resolution nor sermon outcry from Mecca’s grand mosques Imams or Kashmaris are rather fake Muslims therefore their blood is worthless and unnecessary?

The argument that Jews would be loved as much as Christians and travel without bulletproof cars in the most dangerous countries if they let Palestinians give some occupied land back or Jerusalem brought under Sharia laws of the grand Imam is quite absurd. The hatred against Jews became fashionable trend since OPEC member countries funded almost half of their oil revenue on hate schools rather treating diseases and unity humans. Preaching in mosques and in political conferences of Organization of Islamic Conference that Palestine not Kashmir is a the Muslims’ Holy Grail by all in every sphere of life: nightclubs, religious ceremonies, and funerals therefore it’s obligatory to all Muslims to embrace as their Islamic top priority further complicated the matter.

Somali refugees protested at front of the Israeli Embassy in the UK while American European Jews were sending food to keep off the imminent starvation in Somalia.

In today’s troubled world of the exponential rise of Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in the Western world at unprecedented pace, the Jews and Muslims have no choice but to unite against the lurking danger. In a span of five months, the brutal acts of terror were inflicted upon Jews in Pittsburgh, and Muslims, in Christchurch in the house of God in awe reciting their Siddur and prostrating in Friday prayer respectively. Both victims were murdered by the same death cult member of white supremacy guided by hatred literature, ignorance, and greed but what can done about it in this divided status quo? Only time will tell.

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