Jews, the only minority whose persecution isn’t bad enough to stand alone

I thank G-d my grandmother, who lost her entire family in the Holocaust, except one sister and one brother, isn’t alive this Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) to see that never again” is now. She and those murdered and those who survived during one of unfortunately many horrible genocides in human history, and are no longer with us today, are surely turning in their graves at how people around the world and in every place Jews call home, are once again trying to hurt Jews with their words and violence, and are even trying to kill the Jews.

It’s being main streamed at high schools and universities, in newspapers including the most respected NYTimes, on cable programs, amongst politicians, and by purported human rights activists that never spare the opportunity to bash Jews and Israel while protesting against every single unrelated cause.

The hate never ever ends and it is never time to say “enough antisemitism”. Jews are the only minority where we never hear “it has to stop” and that Jew hatred masked as human rights activism for another persecuted minority is in fact good old antisemitism. Jew hatred was incorporated into everything from the Women’s March, LGBTQ Marches to the Yellow Vest demonstrations in France.

If antisemitism is actually addressed, Jews are the only minority in which we hear “and also…” or “but what about…” added to the sentence. Antisemitism on its own seems to never be bad enough to stand alone. Every other injustice is worse and every other injustice must either be included or used to emphasize another minority’s suffering, when anti semitism is mentioned.

I read a quote on Twitter by Howard Lovy that was never truer about never ending accusations of Jews wanting money and power and to take over the world when the reality is much more basic:

“Buried deep in the subconscious of every Jew, is not money, power or influence, but an escape plan”

It’s enough.
The hate against Jews has to end.
Full Stop.

About the Author
Jill Loris has been writing all her life, most recently focusing on commentary on Israel, anti semitism and the life of a Jewish girl from Brooklyn.