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JLM – Why Jerusalem Matters

So, we have BLM. We also have JLM. Jewish Lives Matter. The acronym for Jerusalem is JLM. Jerusalem Matters.

So, here we have a double play on the acronym JLM. I am not getting into the subject of BLM, or all lives matter, but I want to raise the sensitivity, importance  and beauty of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, Eretz Yisrael, Israel.

We need to embrace the brokenness of life, the difference of opinions, and religions, the flaws in ourselves, and the world.

We need to embrace our differences. There is just too much hate and lack of tolerance going around the world today.

Today, Rosh Chodosh Av is Aaron Hacohen’s Yahrzeit. Aaron himself was broken and tormented by life events (his role in the golden calf, loss of sons, etc.)  Yet he chose the path of Peace.

The Survivors of the Shoah were broken, yet they chose Life and Peace.

Jerusalem is also broken, has diverse religious holy places and people.

Let us embrace  these different people and views, just like Jerusalem is home to these different holy places and peoples.

However, we live in a world of Hate, Racism, and Intolerance.

In the Torah reading, we read from Bilaam’s prophecy that people of Israel are a nation that dwells alone. Today it feels that Israel is alone. The Jews are alone. Alone in the 2,000 year institutionalized anti-Semitism – pogroms, discrimination, blood labels, Holocaust, Terrorism against Jews. So, if anybody has a claim to discrimination and hatred – JLM should be real rally call for anti-racism.

This Anti-Semitism continued in anti-Israel including the Anti-Semitism by the European Nations from the 1920’s , through the Holocaust to the creation of the State of Israel till today.

What gives the right  EU foreign minister to say: “Annexation would constitute a violation of international law – EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs again warns Israel against sovereignty”

This is a lie and travesty on many levels – Firstly, Israel’s Right to these Lands is entrenched by History, the Bible, in Law, for example, The United Nations – San Remo 1920 Conference.

Secondly, after the Holocaust and the EU and most importantly Germany should simply shut up.

But, the real message to during the three weeks, is for every Jew or person to feel the specialness of Jerusalem and Eretz Yisrael in their Hearts. In the featured video, there is a link to the  4 hour Facebook/zoom gathering of the diverse followers of Reb Shlomo Carlebach Reb Shlomo wrote so many songs, told so many stories about Eretz Yisrael and Jerusalem. He encouraged a yearning and love for Eretz Yisrael amongst his follower He encouraged people to come to visit, live in Israel, and established the Moshav Meor Modi’im. His passion for both the Love of Eretz Yisrael, Unity, and peace is a common feature amongst his diverse followers.

The fire and love of Israel are still burning in his followers today were inspired to beacons of light in Jerusalem, Hebron, on The Moshav, all over of Israel and the world.

This Live Event of  Music, stories, and inspiration by his diverse followers’ showcases –  Unity, support and love for the Land, an evening of seeing the good in others, and tolerance .

The Timing of this Event was in the Month of Tammuz whose healing opportunity of this is seeing. This theme of seeing the Good in ourselves, others, and Israel is the theme The Three Weeks.

We need to embrace brokenness and differences. We need to take the role model of Jerusalem, a  City that holds the key to Peace.

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