JNF to Israel: Count On Us

Over 1000 participants, and 400 students who participated in a Shabbat dinner at USC, have all saluted to their homeland

JNF is the Jewish National Fund the Fund that repurchased our land in Israel, the one that helps Israel thrive.

This weekend, at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, in Beverly Hills, California, the JNF held its annual conference with the emphasis on Hollywood and Israel. There is much to write about the conference which I will do in the very near future. What was exciting is Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman presence and speech.

The JNF Conference stage-Photo by Nurit Greenger
The JNF Conference stage-Photo by Nurit Greenger
FM Avigdor Lieberman-Photo by Nurit Greenger
FM Avigdor Lieberman-Photo by Nurit Greenger

People living on the USA west coast do not have as many opportunities to meet Israeli government officials, who as it seems to be, see the east coast their final destination. Mr. Lieberman, however, took the extra flight time and appeared in front of 1000 Israel’s supporters and the room, at the early morning hour, was fired up.

Mr. Lieberman was born 1958 in Kishinev, then the Soviet Union, now Chişinău, Moldova. His father, Lev, served in the Red Army and spent seven years in a Siberia as an exile under Joseph Stalin’s rule. His family had a strong Jewish and Zionist identity, and they spoke only Yiddish at home.
At the age of 20 Mr. Lieberman arrived to Israel and the first job he held was a porter at Ben Gurion Airport. Today he is the Foreign Minister of the Jewish State. Though he knows that immigrating to Israel is not an easy process he believes that Israel is more America than America itself and if you set your goals and you work hard at them, the sky is the limit in Israel.

Mr. Lieberman is known for his hawkish stance. But when you hear him speak his fight for the Jewish people goes deep.

Concern for the future of the Jewish people

“Our challenge is education. Only 10% of Jewish children in the United States receive Jewish education and that is a huge problem,” he asserts. “First step is Jewish education to preserve us as a nation,” he told the audience.

Israel, an island of democracy in the Middle East

“If, for years, the Arab dictators sold to their masses the canard that their poverty and misery is all because of Israel and her conflict with the Arabs, this no longer holds,” he assess the situation in which Israel finds herself. “The problem in the Middle East is poverty and misery; it is the few oligarchs and 90% of poor people where there is no middle class. Blaming Israel no longer works.”

Hamas, ISIS and the like

According to Mr. Lieberman, ALL, he means all Moslem terrorist organizations we see terrorizing countries have one goal in mind, which is to become terrorist states. We already see the phenomenon in Gaza with Hamastan and Hezbollahstan in Lebanon. However, the only terrorist state, a member of the UN, is Iran. While the world bought into the idea that the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, is a “moderate” only this year his regime has executed over 700 people, such as journalists and activists. Iran, which is working to acquire nuclear arsenal, is Israel’s number one concern but should also be the entire world’s concern.

Protective Edge War

“Though Israel caused a huge economic and military blow to Hamas, in Mr. Lieberman’s opinion it was necessary to topple Hamas, not leave them in power. “Psychologically, this is a big mistake,” he claims. “Without victory there is no survival,” he quotes Churchill: “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.”

Israel’s PR-Hasbarah-Public Diplomacy

“Mr. Lieberman agreed that Israel failed miserably in her PR and public diplomacy endeavor. However, there is only one, 7 million members Jewish State, surrounded by 57 Moslem countries with oil wealth, a difficult act to follow,” he explained. “When I am in London,“ he tells the audience, “the hotel where I stay offers the guests 17 TV channels in Arabic, all offer propaganda and brainwashing, not journalism. And there is not even one Israeli channel. In his opinion, “Today there are two battle fronts for Israel: one military and one the TV screen.” Mind you, at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, in Beverly Hills, California, there are 4 channels in Arabic and not one Israeli or Jewish channel.

Keeping Israel an island of democracy

“Our future lies in keeping Israel a vibrant and successful democracy. It is a job of not only 7 million Israelis but the job of the entire Jewish nation.”

His own vision

“We need to draw conclusion why we failed since the Oslo Accords were signed 20 years ago. They call me a rightwing Hawk. But if we look back, for the past 20 years Israel had a dovish government, all failed to achieve the desired peace. Our mistake is the way we see the conflict, which is in fact with the Arab wealth. To arrive at a comprehensive peace agreement Israel needs to include in it the Arab states, the Arabs calling themselves ‘Palestinians’ and the Arabs holding Israeli citizenship. It must be a simultaneous, comprehensive, solution package with all three groups.”

Alan Dabrow, First Vice President of JNF congratulating FM Avigdor Lieberman-Photo by Nurit Greenger
Alan Dabrow, First Vice President of JNF congratulating FM Avigdor Lieberman-Photo by Nurit Greenger

Since it was founded, at the Fifth Zionist Congress in 1901, in Basel, Switzerland, JNF repurchased and now own 13% of the total land in Israel.
Israel is the safeguard of all the Jewish people. JNF is the Israeli army outside Israel’s borders. It care for and loves the Land and it tells the people in Israel, Hineini = here I am (Genesis Chapter 22:1); JNF say here we are, count on us, we are with you and for you.

I sign off with Shanah Tovah greeting to all; may the nation of Israel, as a whole, and the Nation State of the Jewish People, Israel, go from strength to strength.

About the Author
Nurit is an advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States and the Free World in general and sees Israel and the United States, equally, as the last two forts of true democratic freedom. Since 2006, she has been writing about events in these two countries. From Southern California, Nurit believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.