Join the #WhiteRevolution: Iranians Call for Unity

Calling for unity of all Iranians around the world as, with hearts full of pain, we have all witnessed the gradual destruction of our beloved Iran at the hands of the Islamic Republic Occupied Iran for the past 40 years.

Brave Iranians’ daily embattlements with the occupying regime continue under the most difficult and treacherous circumstances. Many Iranians brutally perished and remarkable talents were wasted despite all their capacities and abilities demoralizing many with inequality and oppression of human dignity.

Fellow citizens: On the eve of the 113th anniversary of the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1906, we emphasize that what transpired in 1906 thru 1912 was The Constitutional Revolution, and what transpired in 1963 thru 1969 was the White revolution. However, what transpired in 1979, after 40 years of disclosed evidences, documents, and living testimonials, we emphatically declare this as the catastrophe of 1979.

The catastrophe of 1979 led to the illegal cessation of Iran’s constitution of 1906 and to the abolition of basic human rights; especially impacting women’s suffrage under sharia law, succumbing them to gender apartheid, and creating grave danger for anyone who protests against this discrimination. They have been and are subject to suffering humiliations, beatings, imprisonments, tortures, and brutal executions!

In a world where women in many countries are progressing in the political, economic, scientific, cultural, artistic, and sports fields of men, Iranian women courageously fight tremendous repression only to face brutal violations of their basic human rights.

We, together, with peaceful equality, are seeking women and activists inside Iran and around the world to protest against the multi apartheid occupying regime in Iran. In this regard, we emphasize that the Constitutional Revolution and White Revolution are National treasures and the heritage entrusted to us by our grandmothers and grandfathers who fought for freedom and democracy, are “Not Subject to HOLIDAY,” and remain the law of the land to guard the territorial integrity of Iran and to protect the human dignity of all Iranians.

We, along with all Iranian freedom fighters inside Iran and abroad, who hold up the true Lion and Sun Flag of Iran, stand by the true law of Iranians, the Constitution of 1906, and it’s White Revolution Reforms, and do hereby call for its immediate enforcement under the United Nations Charter for humans rights and international treaties. Like any other free country, we call for this until such a time as when Free Elections will be upheld in Iran so that a parliamentary constitutional assembly can update the law of the land and create a secular democracy followed by referendum for this type of governance by Iranians for Iran.


Marjaneh Rouhani, MD, Political Activist, USA
Nahid Shahin, Political Activist, Canada
Shabnam Assadollahi, Human Rights Activist, Canada
Mahboubeh Hosseinpour, Political Activist, USA
Soheila Kamali, Political Activist, England
Mina Rezvani, Political Activist, USA
Rozita Manteghi, Women Rights Activist, France
Shokouh Ershadi, Human Rights Activist, Journalist, Sweden
Pari Askari, Political Activist, Journalist, Holland
Sima Tajdini, Human Rights Activist, Canada
Roxanne Ganji, Political Activist, Journalist, USA
Pouran Guiti Behi, Political Activist, USA
Sara Basti, Political Activist, Germany
Faranak Azad, Political Activist, USA
Rouya Abdi, Political Activist, Journalist, Germany
Sara Safiri, Political Activist, England
Mally Rozbeh, Women’s Rights Activist, USA
Fatmeh Minaei, Women’s Rights Activist, USA
Firouzeh Ghaffarpour, Political Activist, USA
Fariba Majdnia, Women’s Right Activist, Denmark
Zahra Azizi, Human Rights Activist, Germany
Mehnoush Bakhtiari, Author and Human Rights Activist, Sweden
Sepideh Sami, Women’s Right Activist, Norway
Vida Tehrani, Women’s Rights Activist, Sweden
Rozita Ras, Political Activist, England
Tatiana Mahmoudi, Child Educator, Canada
Masoumeh Alavi
Delnavaz Jahankhah
Soheila Flatoun
Soudabeh Tadj
Laleh Bani-Saeid,
Mahnaz Ganjali,Political Activist, Author, Journalist, USA
Golnaz Soroush, Political Activist, Australia
Mahnaz Abbaspour, Canada
Sara Arjand, Political Activist, Germany
Fariba Shirvani, Political Activist, France
Shamsi Famil, Political Activist, USA
Donya Azad, Political Activist, Holland
Faranak Mah, Political Activist, USA
Parisima Pashayie Raad- Nelson, Political Activist, Canada
Parvaneh Tavali, Political Activist, USA
Satgin Jalali
Fariba Mansourian, Political Activist, France
Maryam Hemmati, Political Activist, Canada
Kendra Malczyk, Human Rights Activist, USA

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About the Author
Shabnam Assadollahi is an award-winning Canadian human rights advocate and freelance writer/journalist of Iranian origin. She has a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology and has worked extensively helping newcomers and refugees resettle in Canada and has distinguished herself as a broadcaster, writer and public speaker. Shabnam was arrested and imprisoned at age 16 for eighteen months in Iran's most notorious prison, Evin. Shabnam’s primary and heartfelt interest is to focus on the Iranian community and world events affecting women and minority communities.