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Jon Ossoff has already won

Happy Election Day!

A quick PSA from a supporter on absentee/provisional ballots:

“6th district voters, if they tell you at the polls you were sent an absentee ballot– and you did not vote– you can still vote! Don’t let them turn you away! You don’t need the absentee ballot. They can void it.

Fulton and Dekalb, you just need to sign an affidavit. Cobb, fill out a provisional ballot.

If you need assistance, here are numbers you need below!

(404) 626-6838 (404) 673-1325
ACLU Voter Protection Hotline:
(877) 523-2792
SOS (877) 725-9797″

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I have good news to all you out there biting your nails right now …Jon Ossoff has already won.

This will be a close one–and no matter what happens tonight, Jon Ossoff and his unprecedented, historic campaign have achieved lasting results here and nationwide.

  • As a representative of the Democratic Party, he stood up for Israel.
  • He was the decisive plurality winner in the primaries.
  • He brought national attention and resources to Georgia.
  • He turned a reliable red, heavily gerrymandered district into a swing district.
  • He mobilized the resistance here, and all over the world.
  • He represented the resistance zealously and with class–he will walk away from this with head held high, on his own behalf and on ours.

The Democratic Party–and progressive organizations–would be remiss to disregard these victories even if Ossoff narrowly loses.  Get used to increased importance for Atlanta in the political process–a wonderful thing.

Thank you for everything, Jon.

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