Jordan Peterson is back

Jordan Peterson is a phenomenon – a clinical psychologist with millions of followers to whom he is a hero. 

Night after night, in packed sold out stadiums, thousands rise to their feet to greet the psychology professor, and hear him speak of purpose and meaning. His best selling book 12 Rules For Life has been translated to over 30 languages including Korean and Hebrew, and his YouTube lectures boast millions upon millions of views.

To understand why the world needs Jordan Peterson one must consider the reasons for his meteoric rise and rock star status. 

The Toronto professor came to prominence in 2016 when he vehemently opposed Canada’s C-16 Bill, which compelled the use of transgender pronouns. “I know where corruption of speech leads and I’m not going there” he protested at the time, “these words are at the vanguard of a post-modern, radical leftist ideology that I detest”. 

His university threatened to oust him and mainstream media labelled him a racist, but Peterson stood firm. His defiance spread like wild fire and skyrocketed Peterson to international fame. From Fox News and the BBC to Dave Rubin and Joe Rogan, Peterson’s name was on everyone’s lips. 

His name now synonymous with the fight against Postmodernism, he became the outspoken crusader for western culture and the much admired guardian of its values. 

With unparalleled reasoning he highlighted the painful absurdity of “people on the farthest-Left extreme of the political continuum”, accounting for just 7% of the population, who “turned the ‘diversity, equity and inclusivity’ mantra, into the new morality”, trumpeted everywhere from governments to schools. 

Most importantly, to the Left’s growing frustration, he was a able to perfectly articulate the narrative of ‘traditional’ pundits everywhere. 

Time and time again with solid rock integrity he stood for absolute freedom of expression. He famously left Patreon in protest of Sargon of Akkad’s account being banned, condemned universities for promoting Neo Marxist ideology and accused them of actively quashing free speech.

He spoke fearlessly against the spread of the destructive ‘smash the patriarchy’ narrative – 

sparking considerable abuse from radical feminist ideologues, who resent his argument that “it is not about patriarchy but about competence”, and that we should fight for equal opportunity and not equal outcome.

Peterson went on countless, often blatantly hostile interviews where time and time again, his towering intellect cast an embarrassing shadow over that of the interviewer’s. 

The UK’s Channel4 interview comes to mind where Cathy Newman’s repeated misinterpretation of his words dominated the conversation, giving birth to hilarious “so what you’re saying is” memes. 

There was the blatantly hostile GQ magazine interview and Dutch TV where a visibly outraged Peterson, condemned the women who took their cabinet positions in the Trudeau federal government, saying they “should be ashamed of themselves for the rest of their life for allowing themselves to be elevated to position of power based fundamentally on their genitalia, if they had an ounce of pride they would have rejected it and said you pick the most competent people” for the job.

Last year Peterson disappeared from public life prompting a wild social media speculation frenzy. Rumours spread over ongoing depression and medical treatment in Russia, with many asking “is Jordan Peterson alive?” Months later came the answer from the master himself who in an emotional video charted his gruelling battle with ill health. “I’m alive and have plans for the future” said Peterson, who went on to explain how the devastating news of his wife’s life-threatening illness, led to anxiety and increased dependence on benzodiazepine.

Peterson’s attempts at medication withdrawal put him “in and out of hospitals for much of the past year”, as he navigated through what he calls the worst period of my life.”

“Peterson’s own life seems to have taken on the kind of dramatic form upon which many of his lectures are based” commented fellow YouTuber Carl Benjamin (AKA Sargon of Akkad), “his return to health and happiness completes this view that life isn’t easy, bucko, so you better be prepared for it.”

Right until 2016 and the explosive C-16 affair, Peterson was mainly known through his university lectures, posted on YouTube, which struck a cord with young people “in staggering need of encouragement”. 

By a fluke of technology his largest following were young men who happened to make 80% of YouTube viewership at the time. His message of finding meaning through responsibility resonated loudly and Peterson became a supportive father figure to countless lost young men. Their plight became his mission.

Through Peterson we learned the shocking reality of suicide being the biggest killer of young men under the age of 45, and that the masculine spirit is under assault. 

“The idea that the west is a patriarchal tyranny” he explained, “is rapidly translated into the idea that young men who strive forward are to be regarded with suspicion because they are manifesting the same sort of tyrannical powers that kept women oppressed for the past 2000 years, and this narrative is appalling right to the core.”

Thousands of telling comments were posted upon the news of Jordan Peterson’s return –  “out of the millions of people in the Canadian establishment” wrote a NationalPost reader, “this guy is the only one that had to courage to stand up to the SJW lynch mobs.” Another addressed Peterson to say “you have been articulating perfectly what a lot of us have wanted to say, but were not capable of.”

Peterson’s return is a stark reminder that PC culture must be resisted without compromise. His ominous warning “be careful what sort of children you give birth to” was said in reference to Margaret Atwood facing a vicious attack from fellow feminists. Atwood, he argued, was part of the PC clique and therefore subjected to the very demons she helped create. Should we let our guard down, the same will happen to us.

The world needs Jordan Peterson because the eternal values he speaks of bring meaning and purpose to people’s lives, and transform them for the better. The world needs Jordan Peterson because it takes a force of his intellectual magnitude, and Churchill like resolve, to stop Postmodernism’s assault on western civilisation, or at least put hurdles in its path.

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Hannah is a London based journalist covering culture and current affairs. She writes about photography, film and TV for outlets in the UK and US, and covers current affairs with particular interest in the Jewish world. She is also an award-winning filmmaker and photographer. Her films were screened in festivals worldwide and parts of her documentary about Holocaust survivor Leon Greenman were screened on the BBC.
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