jSwipe: LOVE should be FREE and free of CHARGE

What a Summer of 5775: Iran Nuclear Deal, Crude Oil Prices below $50.00, Sanctions against mother Russia extended for another year, Putin meets Papa, FIFA corruption scandal following FBI arrests, Cuba opens embassy in DC after more than 50 years of nonsense accusations – viva Cuba Libre, Obama dances lipala back home, Donald “J” Trump is ahead of the game just to name the most recent news headlines.

And amid all of these already world blowing events, Spark Networks, Inc. (LOV) is going out of its LIMITED mind, even, let’s put it this way, losing touch with REALITY and flying Milky Way, nuuuu…., please give me a BREAK!!!

If, Yoav Shapira, my praise & admiration goes to this Great “J” Man, one of the first global Tech Founders, would continue to run his Matchnet – phenomenal organization, on the principals of the Free Spirit, Innovative Agility and, most importantly, Entrepreneurial Drive, we would not be reading such mesmerizing articles on Forbes or JTA, so SHAMEFULL and DISTURBING to the core values of the World Wide Jewery.

Earlier this week I was tipped off that in the midst of the Entrepreneurial boom and continuous production of more disruptive apps across the coast and industries, SN is actually loosing its paid membership base across its entire portfolio of holdings. And investors are pulling their kosher “J” money back; let’s closely look into the stock chart:

As of yesterday July 30th, stock price was $3 per share while just over two years ago it was trading at $9, this is a 67% drop in value for investors.

Courtesy of:
Courtesy of:

I believe that #jSwipe was not even at the inception phase two years ago when SN began its steady downward trend of losing paid membership & revenue streams. And the answer is way to simple, development of so many FREE Facebook based dating apps like: Badoo, Tinder, Hitch, OkCupid, Match, Down, Score, Happn, Once, Tindog, Align, Grouper, Pure, At First Sight, Coffee Meets Bagel, HowAboutWe and many more that I’m not simply aware of.

Based on the most recent 10K disclosure it looks like SN executives understand what is actually happening and what obstacles they would face:

“Our actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements, which are subject to a number of risks, uncertainties and assumptions described in the “Risk Factors” section and elsewhere in this annual report on Form 10-K, regarding, among other matters:

  • our ability to attract members to our Web sites, convert members into paying subscribers and retain our paying subscribers;
  • the highly competitive nature of our business;
  • our ability to keep pace with rapid technological change and enhance existing or introduce new services;
  • the strength of our existing brands and our ability to maintain and enhance those brands.”
#1 Jewish Dating App
#1 Jewish Dating App

Despite of this article’s “free of charge” statement, I want to encourage #jSwipe team to offer and enable some paid features ASAP or to allow some soft ads presence. Unfortunately, we know that nothing is free in this world, especially if someone is secretly orchestrating unprecedented accusations and lawsuit against you, oh way, maybe in the world to come that would change a bit.

How about $9.69 monthly fee to get some of the following perks:

  • Be able to send direct #RightSwipe inbox message to any NJB or NJG
  • Be able to search specific city/country or even zip code location to find your Beshert
  • Be featured within your region and only disappear after 3 left swipes
  • Option to undo all your left swipes and give 2nd chance for #RightSwipe matches
  • Have private profile for those who are not ready to mingle yet, though want to soft peek the singles market

At the conclusion, to finish on a positive note, I would like to offer my humble foresight:

  • Within a year #jSwipe would be the largest Kosher dating app in the world.
  • Within five years or sooner SN would file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.

Shabbat Shalom!

LOVE should be FREE!

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