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JSWIPE, the modern matchmaker of the century

The first thing G-d did after creating the world was match-make Adam and Eve. It is also said that when you are single, you are only half a soul, but once you meet your soul mate, you are complete.A job that is not easy because during the road, you bump into obstacles that can force you to quit and not even try.

How hard can dating possibly be?

Well, if you are looking for love or to go on a date with a handsome or beautiful Jewish single, don’t think again because Jswipe has an open storage of possibilities for you.

David Yarus, the founder of the fastest growing Jewish dating app endearingly referred to as the “Jewish Tinder” considers himself a modern-day matchmaker. Yes, just like Auntie Ellie or the popular shidduch recommended by your rabbi. A job that he believes is connecting and inspiring the millennial Jewish community across the globe. Having just launched on Passover 2014, this popular app already has reached over 300 million swipes and over 4 million matches! Yes, the app has had quite success across 70 countries, leading to long-term relationships, engagements and even weddings. According to current users, the app is considered to be taken much more serious than others. Comparing it to others, the app seems to attract Jews and non-Jews alike due to the caliber and quality of people that have joined it. The app has been considered a serious app in comparison to others are more exclusively for hook-ups.


I asked Mr. Yarus what inspired him and where did he want to go with Jswipe? And with no script, no lines, no censored words, he said, “My background has always been to connect people. To me, it’s very important to date and marry Jewish. I feel that we provide a powerful tool for the Jewish community by allowing people to easily match, meet, and find love. This is the future. People use apps and technology to communicate and connect with the world around them every day. In our case, it’s far less intimidating and saves you time and energy. And – it’s fun!”

Fortunately for David, instead of receiving critics he has received more feedback and questions about his product. He doubles as the community manager, answering users’ questions and even gives advice and pro-tips that will help people find more matches. “People want the app to work faster and more people to swipe through… And we work around the clock to provide just that. We have a full time team of 7 people, 10 including part-time, and we’re just getting started.”

As the world keeps evolving with technology, as well as the way people are meeting and interacting, it seems like Jswipe is poised for continued success in the market due to its numbers and popularity to date. But, will it take place of the experienced matchmakers that devoted their lives to join people with one another?

“Love should be free. The world has developed in such a way with technology to connect us… Its impossible to know who all eligible single J’s out there, even to the most experienced matchmaker. We aim to out you in control of the match-making experience. For example, I created Jswipe to find my dream girl. We’ve heard stories from people falling in love with people they never imagined they would have otherwise met. I think the app is one of if not the most effective tools to connect the Jewish community on a local and global level that exists today.” The number of individuals looking for love through apps and technology keeps growing. Could it be possible that people in this age believe it better to get to know someone through a screen first, as opposed to meeting them in a restaurant or market?
However not everyone would agree with this. According to Matchmakers, the apps are killing the old values that have served and worked for centuries on what the real meaning of love and matching souls should be.

Some say that love and marriage fall from the sky, unexpected.

Some say that is all about luck.

But, the numbers of right swipes on JSwipe says different.

So if the attempts looking for love are making you give up, think again, because according to Jswipe, Mr or Mrs right is just a swipe away. Who knows, maybe in one of those searches you may find your dream girl called Avia, or your Jewish boy called David.


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