Judgement Monologue: an Homage to “My Short Skirt”

My long skirt is not
a declaration, nor
an indication
on what I believe
or who I am.
My head covering is NOT a shmatte.
It does not want you to say as such
Even in jest.

My clothing choices
are mine.
While I may appreciate you commenting on how it is not flattering in the store, don’t bother saying anything negative while it covers my body.

My outfit, believe it or not
has nothing to do with religion.

My faith
is about discovering
the similarities among the practices of indigenous peoples,
about finding and sharing silver linings,
and embracing the magic and miracles in all I experience.

My short dress is not proof
that I am stupid
or undecided
or off the track.

My very being is my defiance.
I will not allow you to instill fear.

My unwaxed appendages
is not me showing off;
This is who I am,
in between appointments.
Get used to it.

My moods waver from sheer elation to deep valleys.
I can see the hills before me.
I am here. And then I’m not.

My dreams are liberation from this oft insufferable reality.

You may judge; you are (probably) human and it is part of your nature.
And then, I invite you to reflect on your judgment to arrive at YOUR truth.

About the Author
Rachel F. Wanetik (@gmail) has yet to excel at calling herself a multipotentialite yet strongly thinks it's an apt descriptor. Her most recent passion project is Trash or Treasure, a springboard for discussing what we can do with litter after we joyfully clean up community gardens.
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