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Just iron cuts iron, Do not leave Israel alone

Just iron cuts iron
Do not leave Israel alone

Only the majority of Iranians and Israelis in the world accurately recognize what a serious threat Hamas is to global security. The destruction of Hamas, like the destruction of ISIS and Hitler’s fascism, costs lives. If the Germans had not paid this cost, they would not be in such a position today in terms of democracy and development. Hamas, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Hashd al-Shaabi, Iran Quds Force are all as harmful to humanity as ISIS and must be destroyed. Suppression of ISIS cost a lot of lives, but it was done. If the world leaves Israel alone, it has dealt the biggest blow to international security and the global economy. 

Today, it is the duty of each and every human being to take the side of Israel in this decisive war and ask the Palestinian people to stop supporting Hamas militarily and emotionally and not to follow this trend, which will cost lives if they do that.

To fight with the enemy, you must be like her, your strength should be the same as that of the other part, that is, as stubborn, difficult and strong as you are, it will break stone.

Therefore, criticizing Israel’s counter-attacks by those who do not have henchmen is an emotional, misplaced and crude position, and it is clear why from the henchmen Hamas is supported. The Iranian people’s contribution to this situation is to help expand the fight against the Khamenei regime and support Israel and its people. Any crudeness and being influenced by the regime’s propaganda will prolong the life of Qadare Band’s government. Hitting Hamas and Hezbollah means hitting Khamenei and their values. The life of this regime is over. If we act correctly, this year we can witness the celebration of the liberation of Iran from the clutches of these scoundrels and the liberation of the world from the terrorism of Hezbollah!

Victory is near! Do not leave Israel alone!

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