Just me?

Perhaps it’s just me, or maybe because I have only been an Israeli for 6 years, but can someone please explain to me what this government is doing? I know about the extra soldiers and security but that’s just a patch.

I recognise that I may not understand all the subtleties of the last 100 or so years of Israeli and Palestinian history, but I understood last year when my son was fighting in Gaza and I understand what’s happening now. I am not going to list all the elements of our current situation. I have already seen too many articles which describe the horror and the inequality, the violence and the hatred. But I want to ask the simple question: What are we and our government going to do?

I remember hearing a government minister speaking at the Great Synagogue a few years ago saying that the international belief in “solutionism” was flawed because sometimes there isn’t a solution and you simply have to wait for a better set of circumstances to arise.  Well, that’s all very nice if you can see things getting better but can anyone out there see a better situation arising out of the our present one? An analogy that comes to mind is that of a driver on Highway 1 overtaking a car at 130 km/h while at the same time noticing that there is a 15 km standstill only 500 meters ahead.

So back to the question: What is the government going to do? I know that we have a Knesset full of hot air, dreamers, ostriches and shouting, but come on guys! The situation gets more complicated and difficult by the day. Please don’t say that we have been through worse and we will get through this too. Yes, of course we will get through it. But at what cost? And let’s not forget the long term cost of each action or inaction, each loss of life, every injustice, or every family’s anguish.

We know the government will say that there is nothing that they can do. They will claim that they have offered the Palestinians everything and yet they refused to take it. Abbas won’t meet with Bibi and has no interest in furthering the peace talks. But then this is the unavoidable bottom line: This can’t continue. And the trends are all bad. So let’s have some new brave ideas please; ideas that the world isn’t going to laugh at. What’s more, if you guys can’t think of anything else, perhaps you should stand aside.

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Tony Thwaites was born in Leeds and made ALiya in 2010. After a lifetime in international business and communal politics Tony settled in Jerusalem where he works on many business and "non profit" projects.
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