Jesse Ebner

Just Not … : The 2015 Election

We have now seen the campaigns from both left and right in Israel, and it appears one side has a campaign of misinformation, and just paln dumb catchphrases.

I am stuck on the so called “Zionist Camp’s” slogan “Just Not Bibi”.

To me this whole idea of  of just attacking Bibi, and blaming him for all of our problems, is just infintile.

They are taking a page out of the Obama’s campaigns, sans any actaual notion on what they plan on doing. On one hand we have Livni, whom it seems has built a career on being power hungry, brokering deals with apparently anyone in order to gain a seat in power.

Let us not forget, she had absolutly no problem joining this past coalition, and subsequently fail at every sort of task she was given, including the “Peace Process”.

Buji, for his part does try to blame Bibi for the economy, but he misses the poin that most of the problems we have, are not at all related to Bibi, but are a much larger issue than simple politics.

The cost of apartments for instance. Here we have a three fold problem. One, The Israel Lands Authority controlls the distribution of the land here. Originally set up at the beginning of the country, it was meant to be broken up by the 70’s. Today they are a corrupt organization, that holds land hostage, and makes the land more expensive. The only candidate to actually address this issue is Kahlon.

Two, we have the issue with cement, here all buildings are built from cement, and one man has a monopoly on domestically made cement, and the import of cement. He sets his price, and his monopoly is government sanctioned.

The third partis smaller. Foreign Jews buy apartments here aswell, and are willing to spend high prices, thus inflating prices.

As we look forward to the elections we have to remember a few things. Is Bibi that bad? How good can a candidate be, if their entire campaign is just attacking?

My advice, think carefully before voting.

About the Author
Jesse was a lone soldier who grew up in the Boston Area, and made Aliyah upon graduation from High School.