Justice? Peace? Human rights?

I am writing to you, the BDS movement, the SJP organization and other anti-Israeli organizations.

I hear you chanting again and again the mantra:” free free Palestine!” or “from the river to the sea Palestine will be free”, I hear you calling for another Intifada and talking about human rights and justice, I hear you talking about the ‘Israeli occupation’ .

But I can’t understand what are your plans to do with more than 6 million Jews who live in Israel?

Have you ever thought about millions of innocent and Israelis, Jewish children who have dreams, who like to play and want to live, just live peacefully and happily?

Have you ever thought about millions of Israeli Jewish doctors who save millions of life every day?

Have you ever thought about thousands of mothers who cry over their dead child, the child who gave his life in order to defend the state of Israel and buried in the soil of Israel?

Have you ever thought about millions of Jewish families who built their home in Israel? Have you ever realized that more than 6 million Jews live in Israel? And all those Jews have no other home but Israel.

The Jewish people have been persecuted for 2000 years, they have murdered, they have expelled from their homes.

Anti-Semitic rules were legislated around the world and limited the Jews.
6 million Jews were murdered during the holocaust. 6 million children who had dreams, doctors who saved lives, mothers, happy families,
And all of this happened because the Jewish people didn’t have a state of their own.

You know? Thousands of years ago, the Jewish people had a state in the land of Israel, Jerusalem was the capital city of the state of Israel. You can find many archeologists proves for that. You can read about that in the Bible, about King David and King Solomon who ruled in Jerusalem.

In fact, the Jewish people just returned to their homeland so there is not any occupation at all…

But lets play your game, you are fighting to ‘free Palestine’ and for the Palestinian rights. Ok. But what would you plane to do with more than 6 million Jews who live in Israel? Would you just ‘free’ your Palestine and throw all the Jewish people to the sea? Like the Arab intimidated to do in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war? Would you exile them from their homeland again?

If you really care about human rights and justice you should think about it. You should seek for peace and justice for both Palestinian and Jews.

You should think about creative solution for this conflict.

You shouldn’t call for another Intifada, you shouldn’t boycott Israel, you shouldn’t pay to terrorists.

I know that the whole situation is complicated, the Arab-Israeli conflict is complicated and I don’t have a brilliant solution for it.

But still, I can’t ignore the Palestinians who live in the land of Israel.
I know that I have to respect their rights as human beings.

But when you call for another Intifada and boycott Israel you ignore the human rights of the Israeli, Jewish people. You ignore more than 6 millions people who have no other home but Israel. You don’t do justice.
You block the way for peace.

If you don’t think also about the rights of the Jewish people you are not a justice warrior, you are just anti-Semitic.

Stop spreading provocation, stop arousing hate.
Spend your energy on positive doing.
You won’t reach any peace by boycotting Israel. That’s for sure.

Think about it,
A Jewish Israeli girl.

About the Author
Rachel is a Jewish,​ Zionist, Israeli. She loves Israel: the people w​ho living here,​ the gorgeous ​landscapes, the vibe, everything. As a child, her Dad​ would put her to sleep by telling stories​ about the history of Israel and the Jews. Rachel's grandmother survived the holocaust, and so she grew up understanding Jews have no other home, but Israel. It upsets her to see Israel portrayed negatively around the world. She wants to change that!​
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