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JVP and Naturei Karta: You Gotta Laugh

With so many distressing cases of antisemitism occurring here and overseas sometimes it’s good to kick back and chuckle at what goes on in the protest community. There’s even a short quiz at the end. Ready for some fun? Let’s examine some of the strange alliances the woke brigade have assembled.

A few come to mind: Queers for Palestine who march arm in arm with Muslims who believe homosexuality is a sin deserving of severe punishment. Feminists for Palestine who march in tight jeans and tank tops alongside those who disbelieve, are silent about or even sanction the rape and sexual assaults on Jewish women carried out by Hamas during its massacre of October 7.

But I think the most bizarre of all are two groups that self identify as Jewish: Jewish Voice for Peace and Naturei Karta. The two can often be found protesting side by side at events throughout New York. The latter even showed up at the long ago Democracy Now gatherings that drew huge crowds in protest of the Netanyahu-promoted Judicial Reform throughout most of 2023.

One would think that these two groups would have absolutely nothing in common, but when it comes to Jew hatred, even self-directed Jew hatred, nothing is off the table. It’s rather comical. On one side are members of the Jewish Voice for Peace, many of whom are tattooed, with neon-colored hair, blatantly queer, mask wearing and composed of a suspiciously large number who don’t appear to be Jewish. However, in a clever marketing gambit, they employ the name “Jewish” in order to deceptively convince a gullible public that they represent a large proportion of the Jewish population. They don’t.

Promulgating almost the exact same message stand the Naturei Karta, an extreme sect of ultra-Orthodox Jews, always just men and boys, who are most definitely Jewish and most definitely self-harming. At least you can be sure that there aren’t hidden atheists infiltrating the NK. Like the JVP, the NK label themselves deceptively as Naturei Karta which is Aramaic for “Guardians of the City” –the city in question being Jerusalem. Considering that their intention is to destroy the Zionist State of Israel, which they view as “adulterated,” it’s hard to see how this in any way makes them guardians. But like JVP they seem oblivious to the outcome of their proposed solution to the Jewish state.

The NK males are modestly dressed (sort of like the females in the Muslim contingent), with their signature hats and suits, circa several centuries back, and extra thick eyeglasses, circa 1980s. They carry professionally produced signs and conduct themselves peacefully. And conscripted into this assignment are more than a few unhappy looking boys dressed like old men. Often they have more signs than people to hold them…They love signs. (See below for a sampling of signs they have been spotted to carry). Like their brothers and sisters in arms they are vociferous and unyielding in their conviction that the Jewish State shouldn’t exist. And because they have been at it much longer…since the birth of the Jewish nation– they’ve become quite adept at it. That’s why I like to refer to the JVPers as the Junior Varsity Protestors.

But digging beneath surface appearances they have more in common than you might think. Both use a rather unique language to communicate. The NK uses Yiddish to signal to each other that they are part of the same tribe and to probably make fun of the rest of us.

The JVP and others of their ilk such as If Not Now, coming much later to the table, have created their own strange pseudo language with words and acronyms that top even the ever-expanding LGBQblah blah blah “community” with such indecipherable terms as BIJOCSM (Black, Indigenous, Jews of Color, Sephardi and/or Mizrahi). Excuse me, but try pronouncing this out-loud. Go ahead. Doesn’t it sound like bi-sexual jocks reaching a sexual climax? The aforementioned are their prime target groups. They even list “Non Black Jew of Color” as one of the sub sub sub groups they are desperate to attract though for the life of me I don’t understand what that is. Perhaps its like being a white Black Muslim? All this in order to create what they call a, ready?, “cross-pollination space.” If that’s not mystifying enough they’ve also sprinkled on their website jargon such as “Collective Liberation,” “core praxis,”and “liberatory culture.” At least when it comes to Yiddish you can use Google Translate for help. Alas, Google as yet to add a new category called “Faux Academic Social Science Code”. That would be helpful if it even could be done.

I would love to see these two groups getting even closer together. Can you picture it? Haredim linking arms with purple-haired JVP members with deep cleavages and tight leggings and screaming messages of “peace” together? Not gonna happen? Maybe not exactly linking arms but I’ve seem them quite close together. I suggest members of both groups take a deeper look at their comrades.

Members of the JVP and other Anti-Israel groups, take a good look at the religious fanatics who have joined you in your fight for Palestine, as you prefer to frame it. They hold the exact same beliefs as you do when it comes to Israel and Jews outside their own highly restricted sect. But do you really want to be aligned with a group that stands against everything, yes everything, you hold dear save for Israel. They are anti women’s rights, anti-abortion, anti-university, anti-technology. They cringe at hearing curse words and look away from women who are scantily clad. (Meaning not completely covered up.) They use, get this, flip phones! When it comes to climate change, they are clueless. They are probably the biggest users of disposable dishware and utensils in the world. They don’t know the meaning of recycle. But being aware of this would require some self-reflection and in that department you are sadly lacking.

Those of you who are part of the Naturei Karta…forget it, you don’t have to bother examining your allies because you are already too far gone. So, being that you don’t attend public or private universities nor really engage with others outside your community, we can safely dispense with worrying about you and your ilk.

What’s next in our strange woke world? Female athletes for Trans Women (biological men) competing against them? Pro Choice people supporting forced vaccinations? Asians for race- based quotas in college admission? Vegan Ranchers for more soy consumption?

The possibilities are endless.

Test Yourself on Anti-Zionist Jews.


Hey here’s a fun test. See if you can identify which group held up which of the following signs, etc.? Keep in mind, in some cases the answer is both. Here we go:

  1. We resist Zionism because we love Jews
  2. Free Palestine
  3. Zionism is State Organized Terror
  4. Judaism Yes! Zionism No!
  5. Flags of Palestine,
  6. Zionism is the cause of MidEast Bloodshed
  7. Ceasefire now
  8. From the River to the Seat Palestine Will Be Free
  9. Kaffiyehs
  10. Globalize the Intifada

1. JVP, 2. Both, 3.NK, 4 NK, 5. Both, 6. NK, 7. JVP, 8. JVP, 9. Both 10. JVP


New group called: We are the Good Jews.

Jews against Judaism

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