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Kathy Griffin heard the silence loud and clear

By now, the world knows how low some can go in their zeal to attack a president with whom they disagree.

Kathy Griffin, who honestly, I never thought was funny, joined the bandwagon of the gone too far, mean-spirited, unhinged entertainers and politicians, with a stunt that now has her fired from gigs for which her lack of talent and a derivative act should have disqualified her long ago.

But hey, Ms. Griffin is a victim!

At a gratuitous, pity party, semi stage act, press conference today (begins at minute 41), another stunt, the “comedian,” along with question-dodging, truth-twisting, publicity-hungry, self-serving attorney, Lisa Bloom, the daughter of question-dodging, truth-twisting, publicity-hungry, self-serving attorney, Gloria Allred, told the world how wonderful Kathy Griffin is and how horrible Donald Trump is. Let’s all rehash the election of course, and all the very bad policies by the very bad man.

And although Griffin was sorry for her tasteless photo shoot a couple days before, she said she had no right to be bullied by Trump or his family or anyone else. He was just doing this to divert attention from his Russia troubles, of course.

The suddenly fragile Griffin, a bully herself, is like, in her own words, “a 12-year-old nerdy girl.” Want more? “I’m 56 years old, I’m a hundred and ten pounds wet. I’ve had everyone turn on me.” “It’s just a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me.” And for emotional effect, she cried a couple times. Boo hoo. So there!

Headline: Sensitive, Defenseless Girl, Hero To The Masses, Gets Bullied By The Mean Old White Man!

The supposed funny person, this supposed tough gal, wants it both ways. She wants to be able to viciously attack but doesn’t want to have anyone do the same to her. She has been surprised and hurt by the reaction to her “humor.” All of a sudden, the in-your-face shock comic can’t take the heat. After all, she has feelings too. How touching.

And the condemnations of her are because, now get ready, this will astonish you, she is a woman. “This wouldn’t happen to a guy. This is a woman thing.” Here we go. Uh huh. Like Bill Cosby. Oh wait, yes, he is a man, but it’s a racism thing and not all the assaults on women. Bill Clinton. Oh yeah, he did nothing wrong. Insert your own non-woman victim here: ________________________ .

Was it at all unclear, woman or man, or alien from outer space, that holding up a bloody-looking, decapitated Donald Trump prop head by the hair a la ISIS, and only days after the ISIS terrorist attack in Manchester, might not be the best career move? Might get people upset?

In what universe does a pretend assassination of a president, whether you meant physical harm or not, enter someone’s warped mind as acceptable, even in the current hyper-partisan atmosphere?

Well, actually, in this universe, of course. And when it comes to Republican presidents. In 2006, a documentary-style movie was released about the murder of then President George W. Bush, and its aftermath, the squeezing of civil liberties by the new President Dick Cheney. Naturally. But the movie was about killing George Bush, so it was OK.

As much as people hate President Donald Trump, and as much as there are unfunny, late night far left comedians, as well as big mouth charlatan members of the US Congress producing hate instead of jokes or legislative achievements respectively, because their vitriol gets them noticed for a change, is anything and everything now acceptable?

Now I want to be fair. I am no fan of the far right just as I am no fan of the far left. A pox on both houses of perpetual purity, stubbornness, and knee-jerk contrariness.

CNN, not known for fairness in media, to its credit, actually fired Griffin from her whatever-the-heck-she-does-thing for its annual New Year’s Eve program. But not only has the comedian been defended – even to the point of some being happy Trump’s young son saw the bloody head, and no surprise there, her nasty stunt has been justified, and not just in today’s press conference.

“OK, what she did was wrong, but…” “Trump is so horrible. Look at what he says and does.” “Griffin is a provocative comedian. This is her shtick.” “It is simple free speech. The constitution allows us to express ourselves.” “Obama was treated much worse. In fact, worse than any other president.”

Yes, Donald Trump should care by now, that even were he as quiet as Coolidge or as heroic as Lincoln or as brilliant as Madison, he would still get pilloried. Certainly Trump has invited ridicule and anger for his self-inflicted wounds along with his agenda, when it would have been better to just let the agenda cause the aggravation. Like most other presidents.

But that wouldn’t matter anyway, because of what he wants to do, what he was elected to do. The defenders and Griffin’s lawyer said as much. See for yourself. It was a political hit job and a rehash of the campaign. Trump is evil, his policies are evil, so let’s figuratively chop off his head and no one should mind, and if they do, it’s because they hate women.

Yes, Kathy Griffin’s style of humor is that of provocation and bad-mouthing, but even for someone who makes her living by pushing the boundaries of good taste, c’mon, decapitating Donald Trump?

Many on the left, especially the ones who purport to be funny, are now trying to outdo each other with editorial-style meanness instead of jokes because they discovered it’s good for ratings. And the apoplectic, unhinged members of the “resistance” choir love the preaching.

Griffin saw that. She sees that. And so, chop off Trump’s head and add lots of blood. Of course, it all had to do with Megyn Kelly’s blood from a stupid Trump comment a couple years ago; let’s be aware of the symbolism.

Yes, our amazing constitution allows us to act like fools, and to offend, as long as it’s not criminal, but isn’t there a line, any line, that should not be crossed?

I know there are those who just don’t give a damn with what they say and how they say it, but worse, they actually get rewarded, and so, why not? So cross that line, make a ton of money, then whine about how unfairly you are being treated, and become a darling of the far left and a media darling to boot.

Yes, Obama was treated poorly and yes, there were those who hated him because of the color of his skin. But he was treated worse than any other president?

Never mind that absurdity, as if degree of disrespect ranging from harsh words to assassination doesn’t matter, and as if two wrongs make a right, but as an example of getting a pass because of “proper” presidentially-related political bias, would Stephen Colbert still have his job had he made his infamous filthy joke about Obama? Of course not. But he did it about Trump, so it was OK.

Kathy Griffin might have thought, as long as you are on the right side and by that, I mean the left side, there are no negative consequences to overly boorish behavior, but instead, accolades. We see this joyful acceptance every day. And she expects as much. She is the hero and the victim, after all.

Now, sure Griffin has been criticized by some on the left. Some. But imagine a comedian doing the same with a Barack Obama head. There would have been a shark feeding frenzy as those on the left – and I dare say many self-righteous, morally superior hypocrites are secretly applauding Griffin – would have excoriated the offender for days and days if not weeks.

By the way, Griffin admitted in the news conference that in her act she has said she wanted to beat down not just Donald Trump, but his 11-year-old son, Barron as well. Imagine a comic saying that about either of Obama’s kids.

Defense of that which should not be defended, muted response, or no response to outrageous deeds act as a type of acceptable political inoculation. Silence is acquiescence, and acquiescence is an encouraging license for the uncompromising, crazed haters to make believe kill, may it always and only be no more than that.

Democrats, including the unhinged far left haters, pretty much every day, repeatedly call for condemnation by Republicans of Republicans or those on the right who do or say stupid things, but where are those Democrats now? Has Nancy Pelosi weighed in? I haven’t heard anything, have you? You know she would have if the same were done to Obama.

Griffin claims she has a right to perform her art. She does. And people have the right to reject it. And her. Welcome to America.

The comic ended her latest shtick with these words, “I didn’t think people would try to murder me and mobilize others to murder me, and I wish the president would govern instead of doing what he is trying to do.” So are you saying the president is trying to kill you? Really? Show us.

Hello, left? Most of you – not all, some of you are fair-minded – are so quiet about this. Helloooooooooooo?

When it comes to disgraceful words and acts of hate by the left, the silence of the left is deafening. And poor, sad, martyr Kathy Griffin hears it loud and clear.

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Shia Altman who hails from Baltimore, MD, now lives in Los Angeles. His Jewish studies, aerospace, and business and marketing background includes a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. When not dabbling in Internet Marketing, Shia tutors Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and Judaic and Biblical Studies to both young and old.
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