Keeping Kosher – Emerati Style

Trying to find kosher food in the UAE can be a challenge - Denys Gromov (Permission obtained)

When the new Israel-UAE Peace deal was announced the next question was…yes but what are we going to eat?

The person to answer this question is Elli Kriel of Eli’s Kosher Kitchen. Elli is a South African sociologist who moved to Dubai after her husband got a job there. Being the only kosher family around she regularly got requests from travellers for something to eat. After the demand kept building she eventually decided it was time to launch her own kosher catering company in the UAE.

Elli’s Kosher Kitchen focuses on a range of kosher dishes serving the small Jewish community in the UAE and those who are coming from abroad. She also has been experimenting with what she calls “Kasherati”, traditional Jewish cooking with an Emerati edge.

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Benji Shulman is from Johannesburg, South Africa, he has a masters degree in Geography and has worked in a range of fields in the Jewish community including education, advocacy, environment and outreach. He loves radio and has a hosted numerous shows on 101.9 ChaiFm in the last decade.
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