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Miranda Devine, New York Post columnist and author of the best-selling book “Laptop from Hell” recently tweeted “How has the FBI managed to be portrayed positively by Hollywood for so long?”

Two words:
Jack Woltz
Woltz was the studio head in the film “The Godfather” who refused to give Vito Corelone’s godson, singer, Johnny Fontaine a starring role in his new movie and wound up in bed with the severed head of his favorite Arabian horse, Khartoum.
His screams could heard all the way from Beverly Hills to Little Italy.
The FBI, as the federal government’s national investigative arm has great power.
The FBI also has guns.
When the FBI comes to call, it’s not to suggest.
When the FBI talks, industries like Hollywood, listen, as do social media and news organizations.
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook Inc.) in a response to podcaster Joe Rogan’s question about Hunter Biden’s laptop, admitted that the FBI had approached Facebook and “warned” it against “Russian disinformation” being distributed just prior to the 2020 election. Result? Facebook manipulated the news feed on its platform to downplay the laptop.
This is the same laptop that more than 50 “intelligent officers” claimed, without examinination, was “Russian disinformation”. Subsequently, Biden told viewers during his debate with Trump that he had been “cleared” of any charges. When Trump tried to ask further questions about the subject, the moderator, Chris Wallace refused to let him.
Following the New York Post’s reporting of the laptop, Twitter banned the newspaper, claiming it was disseminating “Russian disinformation”.
What is “Russian disinformation”?  To paraphrase the late Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), it doesn’t really matter, does it? Biden is president.
The facts are that FBI took possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop in December, 2019, nearly a year before the 2020 election.
It was clear within days if not immediately that the laptop was authentic. If the FBI had had doubts, they could have interviewed any one of the many recipients of Hunter Biden’s emails and ask “Did you receive an email from Hunter Biden?”
A recent poll found that 79% of people polled said that if voters had known about the laptop they would have voted for Trump and that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real and not “Russian disinformation”. (
After waking up on his blood-stained satin sheets, Jack Woltz immediately gave Johnny Fontaine the part in the movie.
See how it works, Miranda?
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