Kibbutzim College Wants To Make Your Acquaintance

Even though the Kibbutzim College of Education Technology & the Arts has been training teachers in Israel for seven decades it is not widely known on our shores.

Founded by the kibbutz movement in 1939, it serves 3,300 students at its campus in Tel Aviv.

The college chairman, Hagai Meirom, recently held a reception at the home of Israeli Consul General Asaf Shariv in New York to draw attention to the accomplishments of the teachers college.

“My mother was a teacher, principal and superintendant,” Shariv said. “If I didn’t host this I’d be thrown out of the house.”

Meirom, who’s also treasurer of the Jewish Agency, said he hopes to start a Friends of Kibbutzim College in the U.S. to promote the college here.

Two students from the college’s School for Theater Arts performed at the reception: Eran Peretz, 29, from Rishon L’Tzion, and Maya Rose Hormadaly, 24, born in Wilmington, Del.

Maya’s father is a carpenter from Iraq; her mother’s from Liberty, N.Y. They married in Israel, lived in Delaware, then settled in Israel when Maya was 8. “I’m a cultural mutt,” she said.

She’s also a gifted singer and talented guitarist. She said she was accepted by three acting schools in New York. But after she saw a production by Kibbutzim students in Israel in 2008 she changed her mind.

“I saw how the actors were having such a good time,” she said. “I decided to study there.”

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