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Kim Kardashian: Icon to Advocate

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Kim Kardashian is one of the most well-known women in the world, along with the rest of her family. The Kardashians have created an empire based on wealth, fame, and status. While many people in society dislike Kim Kardashian since her wealth stems from nothing other than fame, her recent endeavors in the legal field have proven to be more substantial and have helped many members of society.

What is the baby bar exam?

The baby bar, also known as the First-Year Law Students Examination, is an exam given in the State of California each year. The baby bar differs from the regular bar exam because it only tests on three aspects of law: contracts, criminal law, and torts. While named the “baby” bar, it is anything but easy. The California baby bar exam only has a pass rate of about 20%, meaning that people taking this exam must be extremely serious about their studies. The baby bar cannot be taken more than 3 times, implementing intense stress on those studying to take the exam.

Why did Kim Kardashian take the baby bar?

Kim passed the California baby bar exam in December 2021, shocking society and proving she was serious about a future in law. Many people worldwide believed Kim to be nothing more than a wealthy socialite, incapable of truly helping society in any way. By passing the baby bar exam, Kim was allowed to continue her law apprenticeship, working with a California Bay Area nonprofit organization. Kim is extremely passionate about the US criminal justice system, and people who are negatively impacted by it. The nonprofit organization Kim worked for is called #cut50, aiming to reduce the incarcerated population, keeping more families together. As a person who passed the baby bar exam, Kim is allowed to practice law under the supervision of a supervisor. Kim worked under the co-founder and National Director of #cut50, Jessica Jackson.

What did Kim do as a practicing apprentice?

As an apprentice for #cut50, Kim worked 18 hours a week, doing various kinds of legal work. Kim wrote important memos, motions, read transcripts, and did legal research, her work is crucial to people hurt by the criminal justice system. Kim Kardashian’s name is known worldwide, while most people wronged by the US justice system go unknown forever. Kim is using her fame for good, drawing attention to cases that would otherwise never be heard. While it may be unfair, her status proves time and time again to be helpful in the legal world. While some activists may spend their whole life trying to be heard and make change, because of Kim’s connections, she is heard immediately.

Facilitating redemption

One of Kim Kardashian’s most well-known cases she worked on was that of Alice Marie Johnson. Alice was convicted in 1996 for a non-violent drug crime, landing her a life sentence in prison. Alice was stripped of her life, unable to be with her family for 21 years. While in prison, Alice became a grandmother and a great-grandmother, missing all of these important milestones. Kim found Alice’s case unsettling, making public statements about how she felt Alice’s sentence was unfair, harming her life more than helping to reform it. Kim used her public voice to advocate for Alice and others like her, visiting the US oval office and sharing her opinions on the situation. Just one week later, former US president Donald Trump granted Alice clemency, immediately allowing Alice to leave prison. Without Kim holding the status she does, Alice’s case would take years, if ever, to be heard. Alice’s case is just one of many Kim worked on, becoming detrimental to the lives of many incarcerated people.

Next steps

While Kim’s work as a legal apprentice has been extremely helpful to many, she still needs to take the California Bar to become a practicing lawyer. Kim Kardashian has been very vocal on social media about her passion to become a lawyer and take the California Bar, but she has yet to do so as of now, June 2023. If Kim’s work with #cut50 were to continue, the help available to those incarcerated would be endless, as her power and status creates change never seen before in the criminal justice system.


Growing up, we hear about the Kardashians and some live in jealousy of their wealth and fame. This jealousy is what then leads to anger, as many feel for the Kardashians. I even found myself as a young child getting angry at their wealth and fame, knowing the Kardashians did close to nothing to help out the community. Learning about what Kim Kardashians does for the criminal justice system and the community has helped me gain respect for her, and even admiration.

About the Author
Samara Becker is from Boca Raton, Florida, living and working in Israel for two months. Samara is interning at Decker Pex immigration law firm.