Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Kind or cruel?

Israel is defending itself from terrorists who have pledged to keep attacking, and who are hiding behind civilians in Gaza.

The Canadian government declared that they will stop sending arms to Israel. This is the result of pressure from numerous politicians who (in order to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza) want Israel to stop fighting Hamas. Also, Trudeau doesn’t want to lose the support of many pro-Palestinian voters.

In World War Two, the U.S. (and its allies) carpet-bombed Germany, and dropped atomic bombs on Japan. After 9/11, wars fought by the U.S. and its allies (including Canada) reportedly caused the violent deaths of over 430,000 civilians. I recall hearing, that when this was pointed out to Biden (and why is he yelling at Israel), he answered that America was wrong, and we have to learn from those mistakes. Really?

So America and their allies can do it, cavalierly dismiss it later as being wrong, and then scream at Israel for wanting to defend themselves.

I know that Biden is worried that if he doesn’t scream at Israel, he may not get reelected. He did in fact strongly support Israel in the beginning of the war, and he has been giving much armament to Israel. But nevertheless, how can he be so blatantly hypocritical?

Anyway, back to the fundamental question: Is it kind or cruel to try to stop Israel from fighting Hamas?

Perhaps the following will offer some insight.

Rabbi Dovid Schochet (who recently passed away) was a distinguished leader of the Chabad community, and President of the Vaad Horabonim (group of Rabbis) in Toronto. About eight years ago, he spearheaded efforts to try to abort the Canadian government’s plan to legalize euthanasia.

At one point, he suggested the following wording for a sign that was prominently displayed on a busy street:


When a doctor euthanizes, he is seemingly being merciful. The patient wants to end it all. What could be bad about this?

Well, according to news accounts, hospitals have become places where doctors often encourage patients to choose euthanasia. (They call it “Medical assistance in dying” to make it sound nicer.) Factors like quality of life, bed shortages, health costs etc. reportedly are guiding and pressuring physicians. The government seems to have changed hospital settings from generally compassionate places of healing, to sometimes cruel places of killing.

I remember when I went with others to speak to a government minister. A Rabbi who frequently visits hospital patients, told the minister that hospitals have become a place of fear for patients and their families. The Rabbi was crying as he spoke.

The meeting went on for a while, and the minister listened attentively and offered his viewpoints. As we were leaving, I told the minister as follows: When Moses was on Mount Sinai, G-d told him the seven Noahide laws, to tell all the nations of the world. One of these laws, is to not murder.

I asked him to please tell the Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau), that whenever he has a moral dilemma, the Noahide laws should be his guide. He replied that he would.

Euthanasia may seem to be merciful, at first glance. But it can end up making society very cruel.

It may seem merciful to try to stop Israel from fighting Hamas, and thereby save Gazan civilians. But if the result is another October 7 G-d forbid, then it’s very cruel.

If we want to make the right decisions in life, especially in matters that can affect others, and especially when issues are complex and intricate, then we need to rely on G-d’s guidance. He created us, and He knows what we should be doing, to benefit ourselves and society.

In addition to the law to not murder, another one of the seven Noahide laws, is to establish a court of law to enforce these laws.

If Canada stops sending Israel arms, and declares this for the world to hear, then they are encouraging those who want to stop Israel from meting out justice and destroying evil murderers. If left to survive, Hamas would pose a threat not just to Israel, but to all of humanity.

I know that Trudeau wants very much to be reelected. But when there is a moral dilemma, we have to follow G-d’s directives.

We try to protect civilians, and Israel has made tremendous efforts to do so. But evil must be eradicated.

And that will bring peace to the entire world.

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