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By now it has become apparent that Israel is knee-deep in searching for a solution of some kind. Judicial reform is becoming less important than the pursuit of power which has been raging for the past several months.

The major powers in the Knesset are at each other’s throats, with very ugly confrontations spilling out to the public. While Netanyahu is trying to use the power granted to his party in the last election, the opposition is out in force, not only to stop his agenda but perhaps more so to topple his party out of office. This sad situation is marred by a host of confrontations from both sides.

Netanyahu’s power is fragmented by the leaders on the right, who seem to draw the ire of Israel’s population, causing a dramatic loss of support. Both Levine and Ben Gvir insist on ploughing through with judicial reform, which gives the opposition a cause not only to stop them, but to get rid of them.

While Gantz seems to be a voice of reason in this shouting match, Lapid is undermining him with strong proclamations, saying that Netanyahu’s leadership fails on all fronts.

It appears more than ever that the saying “Jews are a stubborn people” is (sadly) proving to be true. Adding fire to the flames is Israel’s media, which constantly highlights the worst of every situation, trying to appeal to their audiences.

When will there arise a person or group of people who will fight for Israel’s honor both at home and abroad? We must now rise to the occasion, to patch up our differences, and fight for Israel’ great future.

Jack Molad

About the Author
Jack Molad was born in Tel Aviv in 1930 during the British Mandate period and fought with the Haganah. Jack set out for the United States to spread Israeli tradition to Jews in the US. He achieved a masters degree at Saint Louis University and established Hebrew programs for traditional Jewish youth in Saint Louis, Omaha, and Dallas. Jack also founded and led Teen Tours, a summer program in Israel for traditional Jewish teens to experience Israel. Jack returned to Jerusalem in 2021, where he resides with many of his children and grandchildren.
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