Tova Goldman
Tova Goldman

Knock Knock, Anyone home?

Being a mother to teenagers, and to preteens, I sometimes get the feeling that there is “nobody home”. Especially when I want them for something, like taking out the garbage…like taking out the garbage during Chodesh Irgun. Forget it! Both figuratively and literally there is no one home. Having said that I have to add that I am truly blessed to be raising wonderful and caring children who volunteer their time, energy and effort for youth. Chodesh Irgun is something that I will never fully understand. I have however come to accept that for the next 16 years of my life this time of the year I will just have to throw out the garbage myself.

Here’s to week 3 of Chodesh Irgun at the Shono’s. Illustration credits go to Aviva Cohen. Thank you, Aviva, for bringing the Shono’s to light!

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Tova Goldman is happily married and raising 7 great kids. She is originally from Toronto, Canada and made aliyah 18 years ago. She has merited to live in this country and become "Israeli." Today, she lives in a small yishuv that has slowly become her home.