Krystallnacht: never again. The cost of anti-Semitism

Jews in France are leaving. Jews in the UK are concerned about their future and safety. In Scandinavia, Ukraine and other places the writing is now on the wall: graffiti and synagogue attacks. The repulsive and obscene activities of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel modern day storm troopers and their willing accomplices are now in the open. But Krystall nacht is not going to haappen again.

Europe has had an anti-Jewish mindset since the time of Roman Emperor Constantine. Constantine was the most successful Roman Emperor of all time because he left Rome and went to Istanbul. The Roman Empire had been built on the backs and blood of a dehumanized slave population that numbered at least half the demographics of the city of Rome. The glory that was Rome was shallow and now lies in clusters of broken stone and marble. A society that enlisted mercenaries to fight its wars and protect its borders while it lived on the handouts and free entertainment in the arena collapsed from within in a moral and economic cesspool. Constantine astutely saw that more than half of the population and Legions were now Christians and decided that it was time to embrace the rising majority and assimilate them formally into the club. Going to the Colosseum wasn’t much fun if Uncle Flavius and a bunch of hungry lions were on the venue for the day’s free entertainment Even the “barbarians” who had enlisted as mercenary legions were Christian and soon took over the decrepit city of Rome after Constantine skedaddled to the new city and Eastern Empire in Constantinople. Yet by this time the Jewish diaspora was history and Jews were disavowed by the church and state symbiosis. The seeds of ant-Semitism were sewn and due to yield a crop of hatred. When the economy tanks, blame the Jews.

Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930’s was a stroke of perverted genius. Taking over the already growing National Socialist Party in a coup he began to mine the emotions of the economicly pressed “average Fritz” and found that the Jews had succeeded in banking and finance.He managed to turn anger and inflation-based stagnation from the 1918 reparations from vengeful Alled victors to an enternally available minority, Jews. Hitler acted gradually and progressively so that each step seemed justified and was accepted by perpretrator and victims alike. Jews of Germany considered themselves loyal Germans many having served with distinction in the Kaiser’s Army. In 1933 a one-day boycott was held against Jewish businesses. In 1935 their citizenship was revoked. In 1936 signs with “No Jews Allowed” began to appear. In 1938 economic moves against families and businesses were instituted. Arrests and deportations of Jews were begun as well,.

On the night of November 9-10, 1938 the nightmare was out in the open. Riots and arson were launched against Jewish businesses and homes in Germany. This was a carefully planned and instituted operation. The next few days saw propaganda Minister Herr Goebbels and his Fuhrer attach blame on the Jews themselves for the riots. The lie had been planned, assembled and executed and the people fell for it. “Night of broken glass”, Krystallnacht is history and the introduction to a world tragedy that burns in our souls and memories to this day.

The same forces are re-appearing from their caves today. A mainstream media that has swapped op-ed for journalism and has its fantasies accepted as facts by a short-attention span audience of spectators has dominated coverage of Israel. Our students hear nothing of the world in peril in 1939-1945 that their grandparents and great-grand parents saved. Their lessons in history have been sanitized, politically corrected and packaged to present easily digestible “sound bites” so they go on to bigger and better irrrelevancies. 1960’s radicals have patiently waited their opportunity to foist their fantasies on a vulnerable audience that cannot separate lies from truth because the fantasies suit their teachers’ agenda.
But Krystall Nicht, like Masada will be a “Never Again” situation. Israel is ready to welcome the refugees that flee the impending cascade of collapse slowly progressing over Euope like a glacier. This time the real losers will be the UK, France and the other nations that are willing to allow a non-assimilated Muslim population set apart Muslim Zones, predatory Sharia Patrols and telling citizens they can no longer walk their pets because Muslims don’t like dogs. Jewish intellectual energy and education will make Aliyah to Israel where it will profit the Nation and themselves without fear of persecution and prejudice.

Recently Spain offered to welcome back the Sephardic Jews whose families were expelled by Isabella and Ferdinand (after confiscating wealth, lands and property) in 1492. Guess whose jewels funded Columbus ? Certainly not Queen Isabella’s. The offer really should say: “please come back and bring your money too…we’re a little short on cash here…”

All the while the United States declares the importance of the contributions of Muslims to our American civilization. They just need to assimilate more. Actually that is being reversed. The USA is assimilating to Islam. The National Cathedral in Washington,DC now has Muslim prayers and Quran readings. Duke University hastily reversed a decision to let a muezzin call out prayer time from its chapel bell tower. Chapels usually do not have minarets. A firestorm of protest led by Dr. Franklin Graham drew a rapid reversal of this latest politically correct but really dumb idea. But dragging out negotiations on a nuclear armed Iran, an ocasional bomb-the-pickup truck in Syria raid and training “moderate terrorists” in Syria portray a United States caught in foreign policy disarray. By demonstrating a pro-Muslim and anti-Israel mentality the general attitude of the administration and its attendant media has not gone unnoticed and alternate media is getting the truth out and gaining the high ground.

Krystallnacht has been canceled. Israel waits with open arms. Europe will continue its slide to economic disaster and bankruptcy as the intellectual capital of its Jewish refugees is re-invested in an Israel that thrives on it. America continues to slide to a comic -tragedic circus as a fallen world leader. Never again, Israel, never again. Welcome home.

About the Author
Tom Brennan is a former museum curator, library adminstrator, small business owner, sheriff's deputy, Arabian Breeding Farm Manager, cowboy, farmer and author. He writes for