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Labour’s Haavara Master plan: Ethnic cleansing in the political landscape of the Left

Hopefully by the time you read this, it should refer to Ken Livingstone, ex-MP.

The suspended and somewhat disgraced MP had done his research into the myth of antisemitism (which he says is NOT racism) in his beloved Party. He’d clicked on Wikipedia to find why everyone thought that there was a conspiracy to accuse his beloved Party of antisemitism (not racism). Then he stumbled on it.

Haavara, a company for the transfer of Jewish property from Nazi Germany to Palestine. You can read about it here:

He thought this made for a wonderful connection. That if Hitler could be shown to be a Zionist QED, all Zionists must be racists as they are like Hitler.  So, how can being antisemitic be racist when it’s simply hating racists. Mad, I know. But as for the story of Haavara, let’s be clear, in 1930s Germany, under excruciating intimidation, of course Jewish leaders would try and negotiate with Hitler to ensure they did as much as possible to prevent the ensuing atrocities (albeit they could not have imagined what lay ahead).

Hitler was antisemitic and, according to Ken, a Zionist in 1932. So maybe all Zionists are like Hitler, Ken thought. Lots of Jews are Zionists, QED antisemitism can’t be racism as it’s just about hating racists. Ken smiled “hoorah for Hitler 1932!”

There was a time in the early 1930s when Hitler thought the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Germany could be achieved by removing all the Jews (whilst appropriating all of their possessions and wealth) and packaging them off to the Middle East. He explored and considered many options in how to deal with the “Jewish problem”. Judenrein came in all shapes and sizes. But, Hitler’s objective remained consistent, consistently wishing to exterminate Jews.  And ultimately, he found what were for his master plan, better solutions.  He plumped for a more “finite solution” to what he considered to be the Jewish problem.

It should also be remembered that Hitler made approaches to leaders in the Middle East, such as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and other Arab leaders as to how this could play out. Whilst some saw through his evil designs others were willing to go along with them and even invest and execute these plans with gusto. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was indeed pleased to plan industrial level extermination camps in the region to rival anything the Nazis could do. The Grand Muftis sycophantic admiration of Hitler has been well documented and his wish to be Hitler’s willing servant is plain for all to see.

Back to Ken Livingstone. The fact that Livingstone wanted to associate Hitler’s ethnic cleansing strategy with Zionism and say “well see, he was in favour of Zionism” is a very sick joke.  It offended almost all decent thinking people here.

By now, you will have probably seen that one British politician, John Mann’s, reaction was to be particularly outraged. But in case you have been living in a bubble:

John Mann gives it to Ken Livingstone

And this is the reason John Mann reacted like he did. Ken Livingstone’s apologist explanation for a fellow Labour MP’s anti-Semitic social media material (for which the Labour Party had just 24 hours earlier suspended her):

Ken’s antisemitic apologist narrative broadcast

So in truth, Livingstone appears to be a nasty racist who finally showed his true colours.  He relished all of the attention, lapping up the ensuing media scrum and touring the TV and radio studios in a most ungracious and aggrandising manner.

John Mann, despite also knowing that this was a part media stunt, intended to expose Livingstone and bring the problem to the surface because he was sick and tired of his party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, saying antisemitism doesn’t exist in the Labour Party (amazingly still saying so, claiming this is simply an outcome of the his success and the jealously caused by it).

And John Mann’s intentions to expose the Party’s dirty little secret is clearly what was needed (let it not be forgotten that John Mann MP has for 10 years led the All Party Governmental Group Against Antisemitism).

I met John Mann in October last year. Just the day before I had attended a public meeting (with my friend and fellow blogger David Collier) where Sir Gerald Kaufman (Labour MP, and the “father of the House”, a moniker given the to oldest statesman in the House of Commons) hosted and spoke. This, in the rarefied confines of the offices of the Houses of Parliament. The meeting was for the Palestinian Return Centre, a group promoting the notion that all people of middle eastern decent and who are Arabs and with any connection to the vague geography region, have the right to claim Palestinian citizenship. (As Jews, David and I remained incognito for fear of a hostile reaction and censured opinion).  Under the roof of our country’s political home Kaufman posited, amongst other tropes, how wealthy Jews control British politics. Of course, this is one of the classic anti-Semitic tropes and it was delivered with a vitriolic fervour which in turn was roundly applauded by an equally opinionated audience.

So the next day, when I spoke to John Mann, he looked furious because, I believed, he felt I had information which was damaging to his party, the Labour Party.  Now I realise (and should have at the time) he was furious because he can’t abide antisemitism such as that espoused by Kaufman and now Livingstone, full stop.

It is a depressing decline in the Left. And one for which I am deeply saddened. A strong opposition is always vital to good government. Jews have always found good companionship on the Left.  But rather like Hitler’s plans to ethnically cleanse Germany of Jews, Corbyn seems to be achieving the same end for Labour’s political landscape. However today, he is one henchman shorter.

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Leader, reacted to all of this by saying people were jealous of him and his party. Frankly, this looked like madness. He extolled the grass roots of his party and thought that the anti-Semitic conspiracy / crisis was created to undermine and sully these roots. But wouldn’t those roots include Jews?

Corbyn: “I suspect that much of this criticism about a crisis in the party actually comes from those who are nervous of the strength of the Labour Party at local level”.


So the Jews offended by Jew-hatred and antisemitism in Labour are actually just trying to damage the Labour party because it is powerful?

Crisis, what crisis?

Maybe Wikipedia will find a new entry for the Haavara Agreement, the Labour Party Haavara Agreement which brings it up to date with expatriation of Jews from a political movement. Dispossessing Jews of their right to self-determination of hatred and instead accusing them of making up a narrative to suit their own gains and jealousy in the success of the Party without them.

As Livingstone said when trying to excuse himself of antisemitism (which, did I mention, he says is NOT racism), this was “all in the 1930s before the Leader of the National Socialist Party went mad”.

Jeremy Corbyn (the Socialist party’s leader) had the eyes of a madman which looked furtive and crazed as I watched him be interviewed yesterday. Maybe the madness is contagious if you behave like this.

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