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Ido & Elad owners of Pizzabar
Ido & Elad owners of Pizzabar at Ariel

If you will it, it is no dream. Theodor Herzl

Can you imagine life in Israel 120 years ago?  You’ve been told that Israel is the land of milk and honey, but all you see is wilderness.  The crumbling Ottoman empire is barely present — with no hint of the future Israeli government, police force or IDF that will replace it.  Nothing has been built — neither schools nor malls, theaters nor museums, factories nor roads.

One of our great founding fathers Benjamin Ze’ev (Theodor) Herzl arrived in Israel on 1898 as part of a diplomatic initiative to support a Jewish country in Israel. He was also known as “Chozeh Hamedinah” (“Visionary of the State”).   Herzl was given this name because he was able to see not just the present but the potential and opportunities for the land and people living in Israel. While most people only saw wilderness, Herzl saw a home for the Jewish people.

We have achieved so much in Israel in what has been a short period time. We built cities, settlements and kibbutzim. The Jewish population rose from just over 600 000 to a little over 6 million Jews.  Israel is creating advanced technologies, saving human life all around the world.  Be’er Sheva is now considered a Cyber City! Our country, defended by a strong moral army, is a vibrant and growing democracy.

This week, I entered a pizzeria in Ariel called “Pizzabar” and ordered ten pies of pizzas for soldiers located nearby. While waiting for the pies to get ready, I asked to speak to the owner of the store so we can develop our business relationship. Two young men, Ido Dahan and Elad Chuli, came out to meet me.  Ido is 22 years old and just completed his army service in the Nachal Brigade. Elad had also just completed his army service in the Givati Brigade.  Ido and Elad are childhood friends. They saw a small but growing neighbourhood in Ariel — like Herzl, they looked into the future, and like true visionaries and entrepreneurs, they are seizing the opportunity by opening a pizzeria right across the university in Ariel. And they are looking forward to partnering with our vision of providing Jews around the world with the opportunity to support our soldiers in a simple and tangible manner.

Mordechai Beasley
Founder of Pizza2give

About the Author
Mordechai Beasley is an officer in Israel's Gaza Brigade. He has served in Southern Command as well as bases in Judea and on the northern border. Studying for his business degree in Ariel University, Mordechai saw during the last conflict how many businesses located on the border had to close. Looking to strengthen the economies of the border regions and improving the morale of his soldiers, Mordechai founded "Pizza 2 Give" together with "Connections 2 Israel."