Laughter is the best medicine

Fstivus 2nd annual picture
When the recent wave of terror began a few months ago I remember the feeling so vividly. I left my apartment at 6 a.m. to go to work and everything was quiet. I got on the bus no one was talking. I would get on the train and again silence plus i felt people’s looks. They were making sure I was not a terrorist. Sadly, I was also looking at them to make sure they were not a terrorists as well.

I remember thinking about the last time there was an intifada, I watched it on t.v. as a senior in high school. Now things are not a television show anymore. I got an emails from work saying we didn’t have to come in if we were afraid. I would hear ambulance’s sirens wailing in front of my workplace. Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky, a 60 year old man was plowed down by a terrorist in his car right outside of my office.

I remember feeling I hated the sense of helplessness. I remember thinking I wanted to do something. It was around this time I spoke to my friend and Comedy Mentalist, Jeremy Feldhamer. Jeremy has been a performer for many years and last year we put on the 1st annual Jerusalem Festivus Comedy Festival. Festivus is a fictional holiday made famous on the hit t.v. show Seinfeld.

The show last year was a hit and being that it was annual, we were pretty sure we wanted to do it again. After the latest wave of terror, we became even more determined to do another one. We decided with all of the turmoil going on people need a laugh and at the same time victims of terror need help. That’s when we decided to reach out to OneFamily.

OneFamily has helped victims of terror for many years. After speaking with Chantal Belzberg, Executive Vice-Chairman of OneFamily and hearing more about their important mission, Jeremy and I have decided to give a portion of all proceeds from this show to OneFamily. We even have created the ability for someone to buy a ticket on behalf a victim of terror so that they can get out and enjoy a laugh as well. If you can not make it to the show but would like to purchase a ticket for a victim of terror you can do so by clicking here.

We are extremely excited. The show has an amazing line up of some of Israel’s top comedians including: Benji Lovitt, Yossi Tarablus, Liami Lawrence, Kandi Abelson, Amir Horowitz, “Fun” Joel Haber, Hani Skutch, Jeremy Feldhamer and yours truly.

The show will take place on January 7th at the AACI in Talpiyot. To purchase tickets and for more info go to

We look forward to bringing smiles, joy and laughter to you, the entire audience and most importantly, the victims of terror.

About the Author
Ari Louis's media career spans 14 years, in this time he has been the play by play man for Maccabiah Tel-Aviv basketball, the Israel football league and served as color commentary for the Maccabiah baseball of 2013. Louis has also interviewed many famous athletes from Pete Rose, Roy Jones Jr., Curt Schilling and media personalities from ESPN, NBC, CBS and Fox Sports. Louis has been called Israel's best English sports' broadcaster.