Laurie Lipton: ‘Terry Gilliam is my brother-from-another-mother’

Laurie Lipton, Alone in A Room Socializing, 2018

Laurie Lipton is the first to graduate from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania with a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing. She presents her first exhibition in Paris, at the Halle Saint Pierre, as a part of HEY! magazine’s latest exhibition, which will run from January 22nd to December 31st 2022- nearly a year long with 113 international artists!

How were you contacted by the curators Anne&Julien ?
Laurie Lipton: Anne&Julien have been aware of my work for quite some time, so they got in touch when they conceived of this drawing show.

Do you identify to pop surrealism or low brow art ?
Laurie Lipton: No. I am neither. My art is “Raised Brow”

Have you heard of the exhibition Mœbius vs Miyazaki at the Monnaie de Paris museum with Arludik ?
Laurie Lipton: I keep in touch with them via social media, so I have heard of the shows.

And about their show about tattooing at the Musée du Quai Branly ?
Laurie Lipton: Yes.

Are you yourself a fan of Turf and Mark Ryden ?
Laurie Lipton: Mark is a friend of mine.

What do you think about high lighting drawing ?
Laurie Lipton: It’s about time. When I first got started in the ’70s, I was told by galleries that drawing wasn’t a viable medium, and asked if I had any paintings.

Were you familiar with the Halle Saint Pierre and Art brut ?
Laurie Lipton: I was not familiar with Halle Saint Pierre, but it’s a gorgeous space and would love to have a solo exhibition there one day!

You’re a fan of Albrecht Durer and Michaelangelo, anyone contemporary ?
Laurie Lipton: I adore anyone who can draw. It’s a very hard thing to do well.

What’s your favorite film of Terry Gilliam ?
Laurie Lipton: I love all of Terry’s work. He’s my brother-from-another-mother.

What’s next ?
Laurie Lipton: I have a new book coming out in the autumn. Please join my IG (@laurieliptondrawings), or go to my website ( for announcements & updates.

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Drawing from Laurie Lipton

Text Anne Richard, Guest curator
HEY! modern art & pop culture

HEY! Drawing marks ten years of a rich and intense collaboration with the Halle Saint Pierre museum. The four previous exhibitions HEY! – respectively visible in 2011/2012, 2013, 2015 and 2019 – probed the notion contemporary alternative and singularity, showing the various ways with which some artists actively work to the margins of visible or recognized controls. Each had more than sixty of international artists who, for many, had not exhibited in France or Europe. The ideas of “diversity through gathering” and “resistance through the imaginary” are, since the creation of HEY! modern art & pop culture in 2010, the constants that irrigate its actions. Originally only search system, report or study, the drawing has since demonstrated the fifteenth century its ability to become a work of art autonomous. Currently, the graphics activity contemporary has never been so alive and translated by a considerable amount of drawings, products regardless of the tools chosen. Dedicated to drawing, this 2022 edition involves one hundred and thirteen artists of about twenty origins different. That is more than four hundred works exhibited. Here are observed drawing practices in a flow of expressions with energies composite, collusive or characteristic. It is not not looked at in its drawing quality alone but approached according to his poetics and through points of passages such as drawing as a matrix, means, intermediary or rehabilitating gesture. This thread red of heterogeneous and intuitive nature opens on other mediums and invites to question the source of inspiration that animates the artist, his drive graphic, then the course produced by the work to finally exist.

Laurie Lipton, HAPPY, 2015

David B. /France
Murielle Belin / France
Sébastian Birchler / France
Conrad Botes / Afrique du Sud
Marcos Carrasquer / Espagne, France
Thomas Chauzy / France
Farid Chitrakar / Inde
Ryan Travis Christian / États-Unis
Léonard Combier / France
Dave Cooper / Canada
Alphonse Eugène Courson / France
Darco / Allemagne
Stéphanie Denaes Lucas / France
Jessy Deshais / France
Daniel Martin Diaz / États-Unis
Marie Noël Döby / France
Janko Domsić / Croatie, France
John Robert Ellis / États-Unis
Erdeven Djess / France
Anaïs Eychenne / France
Émile Simonet dit Fanfan / France
Feuilles dessinées de la Grande Guerre /
Samuel Gomez / République dominicaine
Pierre Guitton / France
Matti Hagelberg / Finlande
Ali Hazri Wennstrom / Singapour, France
Jason Herr / États-Unis
Daisuke Ichiba / Japon
Toshihiko Ikeda / Japon
Sergei Isupov / Russie, États-Unis
Anton Kannemeyer / Afrique du Sud
Kraken/ France
Hongmin Lee / Corée du Sud
Laurie Lipton / États-Unis
Loïc Lucas / France
François Monchâtre / France
Mina Mond / France
Shaun Morin dit Slomotion / Canada
Serge Paillard / France
José Parlá / États-Unis

Sketches (graffiti) / États-Unis

Anthony A-ONE Clark – James AERO Kusel – William BILL BLAST
Cordero – Steven BLADE Ogburn – CEY ADAMS – CHINO MALO
Roberto COCO 144 Gualtieri – John CRASH Matos – Chris DAZE
Ellis – DEZ TFA – Donald DONDI WhIte – Lenny FUTURA 2000
McGurr – GHOST RIS – Eric HAZE – Michael IZ THE WIZ Martin
John JONONE Perello – Jeff KASE 2 Brown – Maurice KOOL AID 131
AntonIo – Louie KR. ONE Gasparro – MAGOO 2 – MIN ONE – Melvyn
Henry NOC 167 Samuels Jr. – Enrique PART ONE Torres – Lonny
SAR – Richard SEEN Mirando – Aaron SHARP Goodstone – Eddie
SNAKE ONE Rodriguez – Jesse SONIC BAD Rodriguez – Stanley STAN
153 Pratt – Wayne STAY HIGHT 149 Roberts – SYE TC – Julius T KID
170 Cavero – Michael TRACY 168 Tracy – Andrew ZEPHYR Witten.

Fondation Daidoji Sachiko et Akahori Masao / Japon:

Masayasu Fujii – Ryoji Goto – Masashi Hara – IKE
Hajime Kanekawa – Hiroko Kazama – Takahiro Kitamura
(INOUE) Yasutoshi Matsuda – Kazuaki Miyamae –
Munehiro Nishiguchi – Kaoru Okashita – Kazutoshi
Takahashi Kazuyuki Wakabayashi – Yamikagami
Mark Powell / Angleterre
Prophet Royal Robertson / États-Unis
Roger Rice / États-Unis
Huston Ripley / États-Unis
Ron Roboxo / Pays-Bas
Aurel Rubbish / France
Steeven Salvat / France
Victor Simon / France
Amanda Smith / États-Unis
Victor Soren / France
Diamantis Sotiropoulos / Grèce
Jacques Spacagna / France
Marcel Storr / France
Masakatsu Tagami / Japon
Ionel Talpazan / Roumanie, États-Unis
Rebecka Tollens / Suède
Morris Vogel / Suisse
Davor Vrankić / Croatie, France
Jason Walker / États-Unis
Frédéric Rodolphe dit Wollan / Etats-Unis

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Alexandre Gilbert is the director of the Chappe gallery since 2005. He lives and works in Paris.